So if you are Anglican or Catholic – it’s time for Lent again. Happy belated ash Wednesday- sorry my mind has been very scattered and this cold weather freezes my brain…I now remember why I ran away from this place back when.

Anyways since I am not fasting for this Lent and I am not ready to give up anything, it took a lot of thinking on my part to figure out how to glorify God some more this lent period. I have opted to focus on learning new things…I will be attempting to follow crochet patterns and make a few teddy bear blankies and maybe even booties and hats with suspender sets. Maybe even a baby cardigan..might sound simple but I am terrible at following patterns when they become too detailed.

I also intend to take a few classes, tidy up a few pending certifications. Do a lot of shopping for other people (the best feeling ever) and just give thanks for how far things have come in my life.

The one thing I certainly do know this Lent period is that many things aren’t perfect but I am extremely grateful for all I have.

How about you? If you arent observing lent, what are you up to these 40 days? If you are- feel free to share what you will be giving up to encourage the rest of us?



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  1. I’m catholic but I’m also not observing lent this year. As for what I’ll be giving up, hmmmm dunno yet seeing as I don’t have many vices. I would have said a favorite food, but I don’t do favorites either soooo still thinking.


  2. Not fasting I meant to say. Of course I’m observing lent.


  3. When lent rolls around, I am always forced to admire muslims. Yes noone knows anyone’s heart and it is the heart that counts, but I do admire how they easily go into fasting mode and observe it the entire time.

    I get bad dizzy spells when i’m hungry. Add me being infront of a computer and looking at excel spreadsheets, i literally cannot function. So fasting during the week hasn’t been possible for me. sigh.

    what to give up…….


  4. Yeye of Lagos // February 12, 2016 at 11:18 // Reply

    Im going to try and give up soda, fizzy drinks!


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