Even Your Boo Got A Boo


Even your boo got a boo a boo- open the gala share the booze the booze. It might not be exactly how the song goes but you know the song…lol.

So that’s how I was minding my business and I stumbled on a proposal on the site that is famous for weddings. I just brushed past but i came back and noticed the post had over 100 comments. So instead of being productive I decided to check it out. Thats how I realised I knew the bride to be – those childhood friends you call cousins – our mothers both have heavy Caribbean ties and we lived in the same neighbourhood and trust Nigerians – they were sisters.

I was like yes! Finally someone I know got a ghen ghen proposal! What! My own proposal I knew about it – my husband is not exactly the smartest planner and we spent so much time together it was hard to surprise  me. Lol. Anyway enough with the digression. I was sha happy someone got a thought out proposal.

Imagine my surprise the next day when I opened the Obonge gossip blog and say what? Somebody else had laid claim to this same man. The post was written by an alleged cousin of another babe he had pregnated and he promised to marry this other lady too in 2016. Now whether any of it is true or false isn’t even my annoyance / concern. Because lets face it the two engaged parties may have known of whatever transgressions each other engaged in prior and decided to go ahead with a life together.

My thing is this though why go public if your situation is less than ideal and you know it? Somehow I suspected the bride to be didn’t know about the other pregnant chic, because if she did I don’t see her agreeing to publicising a proposal! Both parties involved aren’t young so I don’t even understand how the proposal was social media fodder…maybe the proposal company posted it?

I hope the parties involved can resolve their situation amicably…however I keep saying it – keep your business off social media – public disgrace is hard, private disgrace is tolerable and more easily recoverable from.

I am not judging anybody and like some people I struggle with what to share and what not to share. The other day someone called me and told me how my husband was on instagram with other women at a wedding in Abuja. Meanwhile my husband was home with me the whole day…she mistook my husband for someone else and sent me the screen shot – lo and Behold it was someone else. So not all allegations are true and not all love stories are real…as for those we leave things to reveal themselves.



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  1. Queenmother // February 10, 2016 at 15:19 // Reply

    You are so right on this one.I really don’t like such social media display of proposals.I’m not hating or anything but its like once such announcement is made public,something or somebody just jumps out of nowhere and ‘pour sand-sand for you cherished garri’.


  2. Mennnnn, i was so shy for them after seeing the accusations that followed the grand proposal.

    Social media is such a double edged sword. On one hand, it is making folks aware of liars, thieves, cheats. If you decide to proceed, you do so at your own risk. On the other hand, its so easy to spread lies and cause damage to a person’s reputation. Taking it back is almost impossible.

    As for me I choose to not put my relationship out there. maybe when i am actually married that will chnage.

    Na wa for the bad belle aunty that came to do false amebo. But even if your husband was with another woman/women wetin concern her? can’t it be his cousins, friends, colleagues? na wa oh


  3. Social media and it’s way of exposing people. But if that story is true then some men are just pure evil.


  4. Social media seems To be breaking hearts like kilode these days


  5. Yeye of Lagos // February 12, 2016 at 11:19 // Reply

    Sipping coffee!


  6. Stay out of d media if u value ur relationship


  7. Sent you a screen shot?
    I don’t think I want that type of friend!


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