So yeah its February the month of Love going overboard.  Lol I haven’t lost my mind – its the time when even the unromantic or cheats also pull out all the stops. Its like something goes off in people’s brains – love by force. The marketing machine is also heavy during this time of the year. Almost everything can be converted to a romantic gift.

So what do you have planned for valentines? As for me and my hubstar we are in two different locations this year but we have never been big on valentines either way. So it has never been a standing date for us. Its kind of like dating on a friday nite or the weekend- its too crowded so we never do it. We go on dates on Wednesday or even Monday…lol. My husband might get a toothbrush or a box of toothpaste as gifts for any event this year based on the Christmas gift he gave me.

What realy prompted this post was my five year old nephew asking me what I am getting him for “valentines” day. Imagine the shock on my face. I didn’t know didly squat about valentines when i was five! Lol. I think i will get him a spider man cologne since his younger bro turn up broke the last one. I would have offered him a date to IHOP but I remember his mom offering to take him on a date before and he told her he didn’t want to kiss her after the date.  Lol. Children these days!

How is your February shaping up? Are you booless? Or does your boo have a boo? Or you are just going to package something small to keep your mate quiet? Or are you planning a massive to-do?



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  1. And it’s a Sunday oh. I shall have a date with the Lord Jesus. Venue shall be Church………#preach

    Never been a vals day fan. It only made sense to me in secondary school for effizy. You didn’t want to be the one that roasted. And provs weren’t allowed in my school. So best believe dudes had to work extra hard to form “I oppressed”. After that, nah. Just another day.


  2. Currently booless, I will just go to church and come back home and sleep for 5 hours. My friends want to hangout but I just want to be alone. I won’t lie, I wish I had a boo or someone even toasting me sef.


    • Hugs for you dear. Your King will arrive soon. Believe. While you wait, work at being the best Queen he’ll ever meet.


  3. Ms Pynk I think the schools play a part in this for the kids. Last year on Valentine’s Day, I was buying candy abi chocolate for my three year old son s classmates when I noticed the store was packed with parents and their kids buying valentine presents for their classmates


  4. Yeye of Lagos // February 8, 2016 at 13:46 // Reply

    I am going to spend the day alone and happy,
    No expectations, No disappointments!!!


  5. Hmmm well no plans yet,some people dropping hints here and there but honestly am not ready for stressful wake. I just want ice cream cake.


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