Hey Yall- I have been travelling to one of my favourite places in the World – can you guess? I haven’t been to IHOP yet though, will be going with my oldest nephew – he is just as much of a fan as I am.

Anyway the beautt of leaving Nigeria is always such that you can actually netflix and chill but I absolutely detest cold weather and this time around I really don’t have much of a choice. I needed to be here to take care of soo many things I have neglected for a few years.

So in my watching, I was watching the movie Fiftt and I am somehow not too impressed given the amount of advertising maybe I was expecting something different. It has a lot of cameos and high end Lagos scenery but otherwise I am not sure if I understand what the whole movie is about. Maybe it’s just supposed to be about women who are fifty – but in the Nigerian context I don’t see it….have you seen the movie yet? Your thoughts? My Guyanese Nigerian Movie critic says she was disappointed too.

I am nursing a pseudo cold so on that note I am wishing everyone a wonderful February. May your blessings be uncountable and may your struggles be surmountable.



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  1. I was disappointed too , i didnt get what ever message the movie was intended to relay… i felt it was just all over the place


  2. Thank God was planning on seeing it soon,i’ll just ‘jejely’ see something else…but Naija and fake hype sha.


  3. Very underwhelming movie. let’s just say I had more fun eating my popcorn than watching the movie.

    Get well soon and happy new month to everyone.


  4. Same. Was highly dissapointed. They tried to throw in too many storylines in 1 movie and as expected the stories couldnt fullly develop cos noone wants a 5 hr movie. Only Dakore’s kinda played out.

    I liked how they saved money by using footage from Mo’s 50th birthday.

    Pynk -I’ve told you to come to my side of town and enjoy warmth. you wont listen. Have you watched “House Husbands of Lagos”? It’s on IrokoTv. Makes for a good laugh


  5. I haven’t watched the movie yet, and the reviews here……… hmmmm.

    Happy holidays, Miss Pynk! 😉


  6. I went to the cinema on a MONDAY after work to see the movie. I tried my best not to be sad. Lol. Good acting, No story.


  7. Thank God I missed the opportunity of seeing the movie. Hope you are much better? Do take care of yourself.


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