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So good morning, this wasnt intended as the post of the day but I really just couldn’t help it. Initially I was going to post the entire snapshots – but i refuse to perpetrate ignorance beyond what is needed for the conversation I want to have today. You can find the story of what transpired between an OAP and two Yoruba socialite brothers who were accused of crashing weddings HERE

Now while the OAP did tweet and the accused have a right of response, I believe the brothers have displayed themselves for what they are. Uncouth, illeducated men who have refused to grow up after their teenage years. One of whom from time I have even posted his instagram posts which he receives by emails on this site – he claims to be a psychologist.  Even me that took only one class in psychology in University which i failed know the difference between clapping back with social decorum and just being an uncultured nuisance.

Ok so she has said yall crash weddings, and you come back with childhood rape? The size of her private part and un married status? You begin to wonder if they value the women around them. Then you make it worse by mentioning who your grandfather was? Hian if you truly respected the role the man played in building Nigeria you will not have the response you displayed – you would be more concerned about protecting his legacy. Many people have grandparents who built Nigeria- not everyone of us carries it on our heads- instead we strive for our own accomplishments.

With men like these being the most prominent in public spaces its a wonder many women end up crying. Personally any woman that sees this nonsense and still ends up with the single one of these men, you get whatever you deserve. I won’t even compare them to women because this shit is lower than what market women display. And many women exhibit a larger degree of self control – childhood rape? This is the type of man who you decide to break up with that will fight you dirty and without dignity.

Women know the men to avoid – people in general who fight like this are lacking in foresight and have greater issues to deal with. I am a woman and I don’t condone this fighting style. I believe in fewer more respectful but straight to the point words – no need to insult anyone to the point where you end up looking like a fool.

Thats just my 2 cents. I still can’t wrap my head around grown men sitting and recording such vile content. One of them has a wife and both have a mother.



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  1. While I agree the men were uncouth and hit way below the belt I also believe that if you can’t stand the heat don’t get into the kitchen. She threw the first shade,It’s nobody’s business if they decide to crash weddings or whatever else they were accused of. She called them out and boy did they come OUT!


  2. Please I believe Tunde and Toolz were def in on this.

    Gbemi was already getting yabs from the boys when toolz twitted to let everyone know it was about her wedding and she was the one who gave gbemi the gist.

    If they had any ounce of self respect, they will sit their butts at home. But of course thats not the case. sigh.

    And these men will now be the head of someones household. Making decisions on behalf of their family.tufiakwa.

    Even abuse dem no fit do. typical naija men abuse. single, ugly, aristo, no man, dark skin. finish. psssst


  3. Sad, Gbemi was really silly, but this shade isn’t worth the whole drama.

    This will always remain on social media, and gbemi will most likely have the last laugh.

    As a man, If you have a mother and sisters, please respect some very sensitive issues.


  4. I dunno how people feel comfortable saying vulgar words on social media,this is too much and they are some people’s role model???

    So ur great grandfather’s achievement is an achievement for you? Na wa ó,awon agbalagba.


  5. 2016, the year of celebrity battles on social media


  6. Preach it sister…MA(s) calling themselves MEN


  7. Girl, I saw what happened o. The guys were really crass and distasteful in their response. Funny enough, if they had kept it to the barest minimum, people would have been on their side. But they took it way too far. And it looks so bad on their characters.

    Well, like someone said – 2016 is the year of celeb beefs.


  8. I watched the videos and i was shocked at how the brothers threw decorum out of the window just to reply meaningless shade. So sad, really sad that the psychologist couldn’t utilize some of his own advice and get a brain.


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