How Much Should A Bride Contribute

So as fun loving Nigerians – i rephrase as excess loving Nigerians – we often want the fairy tale weddings and events. We don’t care that Unicorns don’t exist, we want them at our weddings anyway. Neither do we care that real roses have to be imported along with all the bubbly we intend to serve at the wedding.

Given the above- if you are located in the likes of Lagos – and you are an aspiring socialite you will fall over at the cost of the bills associated with this one day. However many folks have learnt to find some medium of affordability. Meaning you respect yourself when you have 10 degrees in Ikeja money vs when you have Dorchester or Oriental money. Or better yet you just fix a dry season wedding and rent canopy which if care isn’t taken will end up costing close to a hall anyway.

Now the question is who pays for all this? Usually the people that want all these things or even care are the females – the brides or mothers of the couple. So who should pay for the flying unicorns and all the other stuff? Or how much should the bride pay in all this? For me I didn’t pay for any part of my trad – simply on the basis that I could care less about it- in other words my father wanted one and i could care less. The formal – hubby and I put together and sorted ourselves.

This post was inspired by a comment on a BN post

 I will be getting married soon and of course wedding planning hv started. I work and my fiancee works too, The calculation for the white wedding is above 2 million and “my hubby to be” requested for 800k as my contribution for the wedding. I hv more dan that to contribute bt sometin tells me its too much for “a bride to be” to contribute. Whats ur advice?

Do you think the groom should have specified an amount for her? If she can pay the amount I don’t see the fuss.

Kindly share your thoughts.



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  1. If she can afford it then she should. Already she is creating problems where there is none. She can politely tell him she can afford 500k only. Any other cost below 500k is too small.
    Better still reduce cost. Things are very expensive as it is. Afterallbthe guy will pay rent and other key stuff.

    I hope she acts smart.

    Coulples or intending couples should talk issues of finance well before the I DOs . Statistics show that finance is always mostly the deal breaker.


  2. Its not a big deal if she can afford it. She already said she can afford more so… Is her fiance right in,stating how much she should contribute? Well she should be happy he stated how much, some men would form pay I’ll refund after the wedding, that’s how you’ll unwittingly pay for your wedding by yourself.


    • just a ques.. is there anything wrong if a lady pays for the wedding? or lets say she contributes more than d groom…anything wrong?


  3. Lol. Maybe the guy knows she would want to contribute 50k now. I’m sure he understands her…


  4. I don’t see d fuss either but since she is not cool with the way he specified d amount to be contributed. I think she should have a conversation wit him. Tell him how she feels about the whole idea of paying a specific amount. He might not mean any harm though, just be blunt about how much he can afford


  5. Budget budget budget. If they sat together to come up with the wedding budget, as part of that convo they should have discussed how much they can each contribute. People should be open about finances when they get to a serious enough point in their relationship. That way noone is expecting any unrealistic amounts to fall from heaven.


  6. Yeye of Lagos // January 21, 2016 at 10:17 // Reply

    I dont know why I think wedding is a waste of money,
    Just dont feed the nation and go broke.
    The real life is the Marriage and you need!


  7. If she has more than that to spare why then is she complaining,after all the celebration is for both of them not just the groom alone.


  8. Pls does bride to be translate to lady who shouldn’t spend on her wedding day? No! A bride should contribute according to her finances which should dictate the kind of wedding she will have. Dont wish for a fairytale wedding when you are not ready to contribute towards it. Why did she have to wait to be told what to contribute? Groom is not an atm, Sigh.


  9. For all she knows, it might be a test of her generosity and commitment to stay supportive in their union. If she can afford it, she shouldn’t fuss about it. If she cant or doesn’t want to spend that much, they either sit to cut cost or she communicates amicably how much she thinks she should be putting down.
    I spent little or nothing for my wedding ceremony tho. It might be because I didn’t believe I should and I wasn’t asked


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