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Oh yes It is raining and I am sharing my mind from the confines of my bed. Who is a spirit husband? Some character that is of the “spirit” world that is allegedly married to an earthly woman. I noticed in Nigeria it is mostly people who are over 25 and single that have spirit husbands. Teenagers who exhibit behavioural problems are never thought to have spiritual spouses.

Nigerians are extremely religious and when we hit a certain age and we swear we are of marriage quality and it is not forth coming, we seek out help either on our own or someone close to us encourages us long enough and we end up doing it.

So you wake up and get dragged or willingly go along to some prophet or prophetess who is very strong with God and is of God standing. The first question they ask is your age – once you answer – some of them make to pray.  Then they turn around and tell you, how you need to fast for 30 days and give you passages in the bible to pray with. This part I have no problem with. Then they turn around and tell you to bring an additional N100k for special prayers – this part i find problematic. God’s word is free and no you do not need intercessors on your behalf when you are talking to God. 

A lot of people who end up convinced that they have spirit husbands are generally not objective. I will use myself as an example.  I was told I had a spirit husband at 31….and I listened and said thank you to the person who dragged me there. They gave me a bunch of Scriptures to follow and praying and fasting instructions. And then asked me to pay for extensive prayers. I said  I would get back to them – if you know me the getting back is a dismissal but not outright. I called the person who introduced the church and told her point blank – i have given an appreciation to the church from my heart- as for paying for prayers I will not do. However I was willing to fast and pray for peace of mind as my mind was not at rest.

I just wanted peace in my life. I didnt even care about the husband not showing up. I had thought so many times about the best way for my ex to die,  simply based on his insincerity as a human being despite my not asking for much outside of honesty. I needed to overcome those thoughts and leave vengance to God. I also needed to find solace in God.

As far as I am concerned I didn’t have a spirit husband.  I however had some blame in how I handled my ex – it’s  a situation that had no business existing in my mind but I also realise it was the lead on to greater things in my life and understanding what I was created to represent.

Once I started praying properly I started understanding the traits I wanted to change about myself and the areas I needed to adjust my attitude despite my thinking I was the catch (eja Osan) of the decade. Fasting and praying created a new level of discipline in my life. A lot of things started to become clearer from a peace standpoint. I was able to simplify the most important traits i desired in a partner and remember that God gives us the things we believe we want at the right times….he is never late nor early. So when you meet 1000 men but none clicks not because you are doing shakara but because you can’t genuinely find a connection – it’s not a spirit husband – maybe its really just not the time for that phase of your life.

Many women fall prey to the spirit husband business and end up marrying shit bags in the quest to prove they have overcome this spirit husband. From your lips to God’s ear – your words are not any less powerful to him than the pastor who prays 24 hours a day. Your faith is what determines the way garbage is delivered to you. There are many reasons why you are unmarried if it is marriage you desire – the foremost is that God says it is not time yet (hard to accept but it is the most probable) or your attitude needs adjustment. If you are able to be honest with yourself- you won’t “get got” by false prophets.

In the meantime remember that when you marry – your life becomes restricted  in that you need someone else’s agreement before you embark on certain activities. So please enjoy your life by travelling, taking up new far flung opportunities, adventures and just live life. That way when your husband shows up you are truly ready in your own spirit to make the committment you have always wanted. As I am, I miss travelling to fun places – the UK and US arent fun to me, but my husband doesnt care for my type of adventures. Lol.

Kindly share your thoughts on spirit husbands. Please remember I only share my opinions and you are free to disagree.



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  1. www.thelmathinks.com // January 19, 2016 at 10:20 // Reply

    Love the post. As for me I neither agree nor disagree. I have met people who admit they have spirit husbands who not only shag them in their dreams but who appear physically and threaten prospective suitors. I have also met people who were told time and again that they had spirit husbands simply because they were single at a certain age. And a few months later those people got hitched and are happily married.

    Of course at my age certain pastors have suggested same and I don’t believe it (partly because I ain’t ever shagged nobody in my dream), mainly because I know that at God’s own perfect time the things that He has planned for my life will happen and nobody; man, animal or spirit can stop or delay it. And that’s all I know..


  2. What Thelma said. Some people actually claim they have not that a pastor told them, they also say the love making is not of this world, best sex thingy no mortal can compete. As for me, I dunno I’m too cynical to believe. I’ve had some pastors tell me I have marine spirit cos I’m quite fair in complexion, I just yimu’ed those ones and moved along. You believe everything if you don’t know yourself.


  3. Lovely post. I have been told a gazillion times that I have a spirit husband buh i think it’s safer for me to believe the report of The Lord which says The greater one lives inside of me… Meaning that there’s no room for any negative spirit. When someone is faced with challenges getting diverse opinion from all manner of ppl is basically a natural response. Marriage will happen when God has ordained it t. So in order to save my sanity I’d rather rest in what God has said concerning me in His Word.


  4. Honestly if anyone ever takes me to any so called religious place and I am asked to pay, I will rebuke the devil in their presence and flee. Jesus already paid the ultimate price, so why you tryna collect extra ish from me? Thief, ole, barrawo

    All the people saying spirit husband I feel are just gullible. If you want to be honest with yourself, you know exactly why you are not married (you aren’t ready, marriage is not a priority, you aren’t meeting quality pple, you give too many scum bags the time of day while ignoring better folks, etc).

    Aspa brapping in your sleep, erm perhaps that’s just your body telling you it desires a tune up. They say what you think about before you sleep sometimes has a way of continuing in form of dreams. Just saying.


  5. Spirituality and religion has always been a controversial topic and this doesn’t fall short of it. But Nigerian can like to look for problem where there is none


  6. Nigerians are one of the most religious people in d world so its not surprising that majority believe in spirit husbands but personally I don’t. But I don’t condemn those that do.


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