The Budget is Missing


I went to sleep yesterday night wondering how a country’s entire budget can go missing from the national assembly. I have a few thoughts and questions. Why is our budget still being delivered in paper form? What happened to secured emails or cloud storage? Are we that inept as a nation?

I ask because I wrote war budgets for a living for about five years and never for once was the completed budget ever presented on paper. Matter of fact to get printer paper from my employer was hard work so – they made it hard. So you emailed backed and forth and when you were done dumped the completed budget on the cloud and the client – USG was given read only access to the files. When the budgets were agreed upon the finalised version sent to the client by email or cloud for their record keeping. Or are emailsnot admissible in court or as evidence should need be?

Nigeria is broke, why are we still printing budgets for the entire NASS? Why is the presidency still submitting a paper budget? And who carried the budget from where they kept it? Can’t we dedicate the money spent on printing supplies at the NASS and Presidency on other things? Because I can almost bet one of my big toes that the annual paper budget for the government annually is in the billions of Naira.

SMH – Common sense isnt common afterall.



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  1. Gobe of Nigeria! Watch out for part 2. Only available in Nigerian cinemas. Not a laughing matter BTW


  2. This whole budget issue sounds like a big joke. we are in 2016 for heavens sake not 1900. are they trying to say there was no soft copy of the budget? If they can steal that kind of document from NASS building without anyone knowing then we have a bigger problem.


  3. Ask those in ministries, printing is one of the biggest ways to steal money. So they don’t want that to go away.

    Even passport office is still maintaining paper files. kilode……

    They should all be there deceiving themselves. Missing budget koh, missing budget nee


  4. Only in Nigeria…… The Kind of news that comes out from our government ehn…. NA WA!


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