I am Won Over

So After a year and about 6 months of being natural I am starting to believe its a life long event. I really dont foresee myself going back on the creamy crack aka relaxer or texturiser anymore. I did my big chop in June 2015 and that first month was a struggle in terms of how to style the hair, moisturize it etc. And it could barely fit into a pony tail – it was a struggle tail for a month.


I did notice however though that after I cut off my relaxed ends my head seemed much lighter, my curls popped and my hair went from growing about 0.5 inches monthly to about 0.75 – hair that i swore never grew in the past. In 1.5 years I have gotten back to the length I generally was able to maintain when i was texturising/ relaxing which is armpit Length – APL! I have also come to accept that the back of my hair grows better than the front, hence the extreme layered look.

I got a wash, deep condition, cut and blow dry with flat iron from Kemi Lewis. I compared it with the Dominican blow dry and cut I got in September and the difference is about 2 inches. I think I am well on my way to Bra Strap Length by June…maybe aim for waist length by December?


I dont have a routine per say – but I pretty much wash my hair weekly with a sulphate free shampoo, deep conditon and then apply castor oil to my scalp, put in my ORS curls unleashed leave in. If I am styling – i follow up with Cantu Curl cream and then seal with my homemade whipped shea butter and coconut oil (which also doubles as my body cream)! If I want to preserve my style i add on ecostyler gel and thats all. I don’t walk around with a spray bottle or anything of the sort. And I rehydrate my hair maybe 2x during the week.

Dear ladies what state is your hair in? And where would you like to see it? What is your routine? Are you attached to your hair?



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  1. Nice. I am seeing the hair but the smooth face is real catchy. Wanna share the secret of the spot-free face? Mine’s crawling with all sizes of spots at the moment. Urgh!


  2. Ah my hair journey. I got a perm in September. I couldn’t manage my natural hair. Thanks to my mom I have very thick/full/tough hair. I would do twist outs (which took me forever. I can’t do hair) or braids (which made my hair heavy). So decided to get a perm which i can manage myself. (Part of my cost cutting initiative)

    -Goal is 3 perms a year.(salon perms. I believe there is a skill to perming hair which I do not possess)
    -I wash with sulphate free shampoo every week, Giovanni leave in conditioner, spray a mix of aloe Vera juice, castor oil, jojoba/coconut oil.
    – During the week I oil my hair and scalp with shea/oil homemade mix (I also use on my skin).
    – every 2-4 weeks I do a protein treatment and/or oil treatment.
    – I air dry my hair and flat iron it (only the day of the wash).

    Length is decent. Considering I cut my hair jan 2014 (boy short). Not focused on length though. Just want to maintain my thickness and keep my scalp free from dandruff.


  3. I’m very happy with my hair now, its around armpit length. I love the how it’s full and thick from root to tip. as for my growth rate, I get less than half an inch a month. I hope I can retain as much as possible and get to BSL by December.

    My routine is pretty simple, wash with a sulphate free shampoo and deep condition weekly or biweekly.
    moisturize and oil my scalp thrice a week or as need.
    Airdry always
    Relax every four to six months
    Straighten once every three months.

    My mum feels i’m attached to the hair because i’m a recovering product junkie.


    • Zoe if you straigthen once in 3 months, what do you do to it when you wash weekly? just throw in a ponytail?


      • I mostly put in a bun or ponytail or simple updo. if I’m putting it in a ponytail, I try to stretch it a bit using African threading in about 4 to 6 sections.


  4. Yeye of Lagos // January 15, 2016 at 11:20 // Reply

    Just Look at this post,
    I am going to do a big chop at the Salon today but im not going natural.
    I just want a low cut, I reaised i cant keep weaves or braids in for so long.
    I start to breakout or get uncomfortable, Found myself at the Salon every weekend. People think i am being fashionable when i just havent found something that works.
    I used to have really good hair but now i have split ends and bad edges.
    Dunno what ill do but im cutting the hair sha.


    • Don’t know if it will help. It helped me with the itching. Soak your extensions in vinegar and water solution for like 30 mins, rinse and air dry before installing.


  5. Hmmmmmm. I know exactly what you mean when you say you’d never go back to relaxers… I soooooo lover my natural hair. My routine is pretty much same as yours misspynk however my hair doesn’t grow that fast. …I never remember to use my spray bottle .lol so I’ve just stopped deceiving myself. I don’t use heat on my hair tho. I hardlly ever stretch. I mostly twist it myself and carry twistouts…. Like d “dread-effect”.
    Natural. Hair is AMAZING


  6. Happy new year everyone. Your hair is amazing btw Ms pynk.
    My routine,hmmm initially I wanted to go natural but I changed my mind, cos of the stress involved.
    I perm twice a year,wash and oil the hair regularly.
    The results has been amazing thus far cos my hair is fuller nd longer now,but sincerely am not focused on the hair as much as before and the lenght has increased.


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