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So hey yall! The cold seems to have left me finally, but I have been so mentally tasked cleaning out my closet/ clothes room that I am mentally exhausted. I am about a third of the way through and I have to get it done before the end of the week. I am going to be away from home for an extended period and the room has to be remodelled for a new and exciting cause…I will be more explicit in due time and I worry my husband will throw away half of my stuff. If you know me, you will know I am attached to my handbags as they are a labour of love, clothes and shoes not so much as I am of the cheaper persuasion.  I have let my mother “borrow” about four bags- I say borrow because I know she will try to covet them and I really don’t have the money to replace any as is. I still want a Bottega bag sha, so anyone feeling generous – I accept gifts. Well that and a YSL muse – I don’t buy trendy bags, just stuff that I like and it takes me 6 months easily to decide on a bag and save towards it…so that way if I change my mind after 1 month I know I dont really want it. Shoes on the other hand – I can wear $1 slippers I dont mind.

I have sorted out most of the stuff and was able to get rid of about 25 or so shoes shared amongst five or so people i Just need to get the clothes sorted out along the same lines. I have some lipsticks I need my mom to go through as I have only used them once and there is no point in throwing them out or keeping for so long especially as I will have access to shops while I am gone. I can’t give used cosmetics to anyone not biologically related to me- i worry about fluid swaps etc- is this a legitimate worry though?

I have also gone through my jewellery and made sense of the stuff I have. Sorted out by real metals and high end costume – courtesy of one of my brother’s mostly.  He even offered a bag giveaway for the site as he works for a major designer of women’s goods but I can’t get the item before I travel so till I come back for the fun to begin….I have a bad habit of wearing one particular pair of earrings everyday – my studs which I bought for myself after I got my first masters in 2008. I buy myself nice things on a reward type basis…based on thay conclusion I have put out all the costume Jewellery I own but never wear.

I need to go through emails to dispatch the last set of giveaway items that are still in my possession, I will do that this week. I really don’t like going through emails these days and I am not sure why!

The clients have started calling- I guess work beckons this week. I also have to help a friend review a book. I am very jealous of people that can write books- i tell myself i will write a book soon but i stop by page 2 and then i tell myself no one is going to read it anyway! SMH!

I have decided on my one goal for 2016- to have an amazingly awesome year – “dazall”!

I wish you a wonderful week- schools resume this week so good luck with the traffic situation!



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  1. Test. My comment disappeared. And I’m getting a duplicate message.


  2. Been wondering where you disappeared to. Cleaning out sure takes its toll on you mentally. I’m always torn between what to give out and what to keep especially with items close to my heart.

    Your mum and your bags remind me of my sister and my mum. 🙂
    Congrats on work coming in. Brace yourself for more.


  3. I’ve been cleaning too,as I was away for the holidays and got back to a very dusty house,each time I think I’m done I find more dust filled spots *sigh*


  4. Am I the only one having issues commenting?


  5. Ekabo. Good to know the jobs are coming in.

    Lets pray for an amazing year cos life is too short.


  6. E ku ise o! I join you in hoping to have an amazing year too.


  7. nesting already?

    God keep you all!


  8. “Away for period of time and the room will be redecorated for a new and exciting cause” Ahem! All these hints ya dropping upandan lemme still be watching sha.


  9. I know yeah @lohla’s melange


  10. Hint, hint.
    Let’s know if congratulations are in order sha.


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