Jealousy is the root of hatred (or is it evil) – anybody remember that Edna Ogoli Song? I think thats her name and thats how the song goes. If you grew up in Nigeria in the 80s and 90s – many of us sang songs with totally wrong lyrics it doesn’t matter how posh you were or wanted  to be 😅. Standa lilly (its actually standard living)! Thank me later.

Anyway enough of the digression, is your life fuelled by jealousy or extreme hatred for someone? Or is someone else consumed with extreme jealousy of you? I am in the later category- there is one person for whom my destruction is their life goal. And to tell you the truth, initially I was upset – say like four years ago, now I actually find it amusing and entertaining in the most bizzare way. I am almost flattered.

The irony behind jealousy for me is that what most people don’t realise is that the harder they hate, the harder the other person is working and reaching out to God for a triumph as they go through their life. I am a stealth operator and I rarely ever discuss my activities until they are complete. This same person spread such vicious rumours about me that even i was like wowza!

You cannot make me less awesome than God has made me, neither can you make me what I am not. Rather focus on your own. None of us is above jealousy – when friends get pregnant before us, when people buy nicer cars or homes than us, when folks advance in their careers quicker than us – etc. But the truth is unless you know how to share in the joy of others- favour will find it difficult to locate you. We should all learn to celebrate with others and share in the joy from an absolute genuine standpoint so that we do not block our own potential blessings.

Anybody can hate me or be whatever towards me, but I will always work on keeping a pure heart and be genuine in my actions that way even random strangers will offer genuine prayers on my behalf without my knowing. 

I pray that whatever battles of jealousy you struggle with – that you have triumph over and remember that none of us are the same and that its ok to be genuinely happy for others even if we have not accomplished that same level of grace. God works different ways and at different times in our lives…let us be mindful of this.

On another note, why are people so evil? So i visited my parents yesterday and in the midst of my confusion i picked up what i thought was ROBB, it looked like robb – i put it on my nose for relief- this sh*t burnt my face – i had red burns all over my lower face- some bad robb imitation called RUBICON! It was like i smeared atarodo (jamaican pepper on my face)! Why so evils? :'( my mom said someone dashed her a dozen, and she threw them out after using the first one – but she must have ovelooked that one! Jesu Olugbala!

I feel like I need a holiday, but I haven’t even done any work this year and its the 7th day of the year! God help me!



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  1. Pele.

    If I ever see rubicon, I’d pick race lol.


  2. You should walk up to the person one day and be like “Why you mad though”?

    I thank God jealousy is not one of the sins i struggle with cos Lord knows thats too much burden to carry. Going around mad at the world. kilode. May 2016 be a year of self discovery and peace of mind for loads of people.

    Note: OAD I will sha forever beef you being the world traveller you are. lol


  3. Lol…very funny robb story. Your story of Jealousy reminds me of what recently happened to my mom. A lady and her mother that lives on our street decided to plot against my mom, why? just because she seems to have it all, from obidient children to a peaceful home etc. When they noticed that their plan didnt work, they involved other people telling them all sorts of bad things about my mum, and those people so gullible believed all their stories and they all started waging war against her.

    When she told me about this issue i Laughed and told her that God is more than them and that she should not exchange words with them or anything, becuase she is in every way more blessed than them.

    They eventually had to calm down when they noticed that nothing was forth coming from all their plots.

    I know that once one has God, evil and jealous people will definitely never have the upper hand in one’s life. The more they hate, d higher one gets, so let them keep hating…*smiles*


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