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So a community member posted this on a previous post and needs opinions.

hello guys,i have a pressing question so please allow me distract you a little.i had my first degree in uniben,i work and live in benin at the moment.i would like to do my masters degree dis year but i am still confused on what uni to do options are UNIBEN, BIU OR OPEN UNIVERSITY. i would prefer to be in a different environment so i was considering BIU or OPEN UNIVERSITY. My question is,how recognized is BIU or OPEN UNI. i want ur honest advise or better options.Many thanks.

CD From my limited Knowledge of the Nigerian Tertiary Institutions – I would say to diversify.  From a reputational standpoint I am not quite sure of Open University,  I dont know what BIU is (I am honest like that). I think a change of environment is important for growth.

Please help CD make an informed decision.



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  1. Chrisyinks // January 7, 2016 at 23:10 // Reply

    I think Pynk gave a good advice. Equally don’t know so much about BIU, but I know it’s been around for some time so you can ask from graduates of the university or better still do an online research and glean the impression of peeps about the school. I assume convenience is a decision maker for your choice, hence I’d advice you make inquiries about either school – the program costs, susceptibility to strike actions, convenience of lectures, lecturers perception by students etc. #Mytwokobo.


  2. I have only heard of Uniben. CD you might want to check if the other 2 unis are accredited. Apparently a lot of private universities are not accredited.


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