Please What Would you do?

I often don’t eat any and everywhere, I tend to look at the kitchen first…so what would you do?


As for me I would puke all over the person kitchen and then give them a piece of my mind and avoid their nasty a** after that.



6 Comments on Please What Would you do?

  1. Same here.


  2. Loools. I have a habit of using style to play into people’s kitchens even before I’m served, the fear of food poisoning is real mehn.


  3. No way! I wouldn’t even drink water from this house. Period!


  4. Choi! Choi! I won’t say a word to them, but that’s the end of me ever stepping foot in their abode or taking any gifts from them edible or not. How can people be so dirty. The sight of it is nauseating.


  5. Thats the end of the friendship for me, I cant come and die.


  6. I tried to look at this picture well but it was getting too sickening. I can’t visit a friend whose house I’d probably eat in and we’d not go to the kitchen to serve the food together. Of which we don’t even know the state of the kitchens in eateries and parties we attend, we just have to be careful and not rush to eat everywhere. God help us!


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