Not quite humpday as its technically the beginning of a 5 day weekend.  What are your plans? As for me I shall be home, listening to my husband playing Christmas music. Sometimes I truly believe God has a sense of humor- he asked me about a Christmas tree and I was like why? Until kids show up abeg I don’t have power for all that one.

Given my car is on quarter tank I am not driving or even starting my car left to me. I want to go see my friend and her baby so I might take Uber for N800 tomorrow 😅. Otherwise nothing else but to sleep and wakeup. I hope someone is having a big blow out Christmas?

Announcement – most winnings have been dropped off, if your name is below see your offense and lets address it ASAP – next year.

Yeye of Lagos – address for your dispatch

Yetunde – dispatch called your number and they were hung up on.

Nne – your item will be delivered at the beginning of the year no vex.

Neeky and Anne- dispatch address

Dr. Sheggz – dispatch address

If i dont get emails by 1st week in January the items with the exception of Nne’s winning will be back on winners Wednesday.  Please send your email to

Last week’s winner was Enjay!

Happy 5 day weekend – I know it’s a relief for all the corporate hustlers among us. 5 days of rest and no traffic. I pray PHCN gives us all light sha so we can enjoy the holiday properly.



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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy new year in advance to everyone


  2. Yes I have gotten my package *kiss kiss. Happy holidays mami. unfortunately its just me and Lil man in this strange town. It is well, I still hope there would be a turn around before Xmas.


  3. Merry Christmas and happy new year in advance all.


  4. // December 23, 2015 at 16:26 // Reply

    Yay! Got mine yesterday. Thanks OAD.


  5. Gotten my gift, they are very lovely. Thank you. Merry christmas


  6. ‘Thank you’ isn’t enough! God bless you indeed. And to all who voted me for president….. 🙂 Thank you too. You guys made me laugh on that post. You want to overthrow our……… ?


  7. Thanks Mme. Pynk, it’s gonna be a new year’s gift. I truly appreciate the gift. Cheers to a peaceful Christmas celebration and a fruitful new year. xxx


  8. Ms Pynk better join your husband in the “Christmasy” spirit.
    I have no Christmas plans at all or should I say I had but I’m already lazy to follow through. Lol


  9. Merry Christmas everyone.


  10. Merry xmas in advance OAD and pynk360 family.

    Congrats Enjay and other winners.


  11. Thanks misspynk…….. Merry Christmas everyone. Happy holidays


  12. Merry Christmas miss pynk and pynk 360 readers!!!xx


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