I always tell myself that when I can’t tell the truth outright on a certain matter I just omitt. Ommission is not lying in my own book. I saw the post below on instagram. …I wonder what she told her fiancé cos the level of concern is woy. She went clubbing her boo didn’t know she went clubbing – taah thats how the club took pictures and posted it on social media to promote their business.  See gobe.





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  1. I try to always tell the truth, like I say to hubby, after all you won’t carry cane to beat me and I owe him sincerity.

    In this case, it’s gobe. The club peeps too didn’t try by not removing the picture, but if she hadn’t gone clubbing without consent/info, she won’t be in this state.

    One lie, many more to sustain it.


  2. If she were in the US, she could sue their asses.

    She made her bed, she should enjoy.


  3. Original Gobe


  4. Can’t she sue them? It’s go to be yourself sha. Always say the truth. miss being here.


  5. What would the suit be for? Their club, their rules, you dont like it, don’t patronize it.

    She’s not married and she has to take permission from her man to go out?

    Or did she lie she was going to church and ended up at club57?

    Either way, my eyebrows are def raised.


  6. musingsofjudgejudyjudy // December 27, 2015 at 10:02 // Reply

    Lol @ HML in advance dear, lol.


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