Happy Holidays

Hey everyone how is the going going? I want to wish you happy holidays- I say Holidays because I hear the Prophet’s birthday is around Christmas this year. So Merry Christmas and a Happy new year in addition to that.


For me it doesn’t really feel like Christmas and I am not sure why. I just feel like everywhere is crowded, petrol is not available and sleep has been evading me.


Lagos really just feels bleh and they keep announcing even more bizzare and stifling money related policies.  You already cannot spend more than a certain amount using your Naira card daily without penalty- now they have put a ban on foreign atm withdrawals and spending when you go overseas or foreign websites effective January 1st. So what exactly is the purpose of the atm card again? It really just feels like one should earn Naira – change it quickly before the rate gets even more suicidal and then stock pile forex in your house. Your salary or income is constant, but all you have to do is wake up and your purchasing power has declined drastically. 

Anyways what do you wish for this Christmas?


As for me- I just want like a week of proper sleep and assortment of food that is magically fresh everyday at my house. On second thought travelling might not have been bad but alas – i shakara-d that I didnt want to go to London. I don’t like London – border patrol and high exchange rate and little value for money. My husband on the other hand is a London superstar.😅

I wish you all that you wish yourself this festive period and please try to be safe in whatever activities you chose to engage in. Especially if it involves sitting in traffic. I was stuck in VI traffic at 11.30pm on friday night and took off all my valuables and put them somewhere the sun doesnt shine. 😂 the fear of Lagos is the beginning of wisdom.



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  1. Happy Holidays people
    I worry for Nigerian monetary polices..you can’t even spend your money the way you want…
    Stay safe everyone


  2. Happy holidays everyone, hoping you all have a splendid and blessed one.

    Me I dont even want to talk about the policies now, I just want to enjoy the break in peace.


  3. All i can call it is a temp ban on importation. That’s really it. On a positive side for me, i’ve been able to complete a project i was working on much earlier cos m $ went a long way with the new rate.

    Almost didn’t make my new country every year commitment. my sis changed that so its travelling for Christmas. Can’t wait to relax.

    Merry Christmas to everyone. Have a fun, safe and happy rest of the year. Finish the year with a big positive bang.


  4. That Santa is a serious deal. The song remix made me laugh. That fuel is a good gift oo.

    These policies are not helping. I don’t even know what to do with my business plans for 2016 with the exchange rate palaver.

    I only pray for God’s wisdom and that I have reasons to be joyful and have peace within and without.


  5. I wish you a Merry, sleepful Xmas and an amazing Newyear OAD.

    May all your dreams come true. God bless.

    As for me, I just wanna sleep as well and probably hire a chef for a day. Na money kill am.

    I’d like loads of fuel as xmas gift. Your pictures on the post are like “kilode”


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