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How does this make any sense? Crude is less than $40  a barrel but they want to remove the subsidy and make it N97 per litre at the pump? If anything should the subsidy not just come off? Sometimes I wonder about the brains supposed to be leading us. They do need to get rid of the subsidy and work on monitoring prices at pumps across the country. At least scarcity will stop – Diesel somehow managed to regulate itself…


Fuel price to revert to N97 as FG plans gradual removal of fuel subsidy in 2016

The Federal government has indicated plans to gradually remove fuel subsidy by 2016. This was made known by the Minister of State for Petroleum, Ibe Kachikwu while appearing before the Joint National Assembly Committee on Finance, Appropriation and National Planning yesterday Dec. 14.

During his interaction with the senators, Kachukwu, stated that the subsidy regime which was at over N1 trillion in 2015 was no longer be sustainable.

He said the plan was to gradually remove the subsidy by first reverting to the old pump price of N97 per litre

“The government doesn’t need to fund subsidy. There is energy around the removal of subsidy. Most Nigerians we talk to today would say, that’s where to go. I have since left the dictionary of subsidy by going to price modulation, which is a bit more technical. Price of refined products today is N87. It was N97 before it was removed and we really have to go back to that because we don’t really have the finance to remove it. There are lots of safety barometer between the N87 and N97 per litre regime between which government does not have to fund subsidy. Yet the prices would be fairly close to what it used to be today. That is the first mechanism we are going to work on. It is when that mechanism fails that we will begin to look at a total subsidy exit. We believe we could achieve that.”he said

Source: Thisday

I try to avoid reading News in general, because the more I do the more I worry about what the world holds for my children. Nigeria has lost the plot and America has allowed Donald Trump to roam free. I am tired.



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  1. The subsidy needs to be removed ASAP… The news flying around this period is just depressing,you just got to wonder why exactly do we have leaders.

    Was in a filling station last week and people brought in their generator tanks just because the attendants refuse to sell in Jerry cans. Its really pathetic what you see everyday in terms of fuel scarcity.


  2. It is safe to say the government is clueless on how to handle the fuel/energy situation in Nigeria. Diesel is unregulated yet we seem to have a constant price of about 160 Naira per litre when oil price was at $120/bbl and $45/bbl. They should stop deceiving themselves with the assumption that removal of subsidy is in the best interest of the average Nigerian when the price mechanism of petrol and allied fuel products still have to take into consideration briefcase oil barons who do nothing to add value to the refined fuel products but increase the price of fuel in Nigeria. Refineries, they have not fixed; Accountability, they have not adhered. Subsidy is not the problem, it is the management of the Oil and gas sector in Nigeria that is the problem and the removal of subsidy is just passing the buck to the average Nigerian. Government doesn’t provide regular light, water, security. What essentially do they do?


  3. Hmmmmm. They’d remove the subsidy and theyd come up with another theory…….. our oil and gas/energy sector tho… depressing.


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