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So if you have been following the news, Saudi Arabia has finally allowed women to vote in the first ever set of elections. It has also alloeed women to present themselves as candidates.

On some days I look at populations at I wonder why you would put down half of your population just for rules made by man. Before you say Saudi is followig the Quran to the letter – I refuse to buy that line hook line and sinker- because the men seem to enjoy a lot of liberties.

So six women were announced as having won seats on the local council. Maybe in the next 20 years sha women will drive. The UAE has left them behind and so have many other countries in the middle East in terms of women’s education and rights in general.

Have you given it any thought?  From a women’s rights perspective?  I believe women’s rights is human rights.



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  1. I am glad that they have finally given women the franchise opportunity.
    Saudi Arabia is really going slow with gender equality – at least regarding important aspects eg franchise, Health care choices, jobs, etc.

    I do wonder how women who migrate- students, expatriates etc., to Saudi Arabia cope with the strict and “unfair” rules there.


  2. I was really happy when I read about it. Even though they are still far behind in terms of women’s rights, this is a positive step for them.


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