And Arms Gate

It gets messier- nobody wants to go down alone for the misappropriated funds. And what is the point in saying N240 million was paid to a blogger? Ehn he/she rendered her services and that is the price tag attached to it. I wonder if they will now go after the person. Any lawyers in the house? Can they go after them legally?


Even if you aren’t a lawyer please share your thoughts.



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  1. I’m not a lawyer and i don’t quite agree…. if 240 million was paid for blogging services rendered, then that is what it is – A SERVICE CHARGE and nothing more!!!


  2. Nigerians just love to share blame, no one wants to drown alone. In my opinon, its a fee for services rendered. Simple! Any other thing is witch hunting.


  3. You are assuming it was for ad space.

    – What if it was to post a negative story against the opposition?
    – What if it was hush money? To prevent her from running a story about them?
    – What if it was for money laundering?

    Until they tell us what money was for, its hard to determine if she can be forced to pay it back.


  4. If it was money for service rendered, then, there is no basis for efcc invite. However, 240 million for a small campaign isn’t a small thing o, I think it may have been an over bloated cost, but what do I know about media charges.

    These people really ran this country to the ground. An we be looking for small change to help the needy, some people are having a ball on our collective common wealth. Chai.


  5. As much as I’d like to agree with proponents of it being a fair business transaction between two ‘fulfilled’ parties, we both know that someone was in the receiving end of this deal – that person was you and I and every Nigerian that yearns for transparency, accountability and corruption free governance. She has a thriving business, the name yet she seemed to want more…..

    Now to the legality of this issue. The law can be quite an ass. If the government is serious about getting her, then they can get her legally. I’m no lawyer but I can think of arguments that can be put forward to justify their case against her:

    1) she has to provide some tangible proof that she has charged similar rates for similar services to other clients else they can argue that she knowingly overcharged and ‘defrauded’ the Nigerian masses of their monies.

    2) There must be some governmental regulations/guidelines that relate to the handling/payment of contract and is binding on both parties that she has broken. They just need to find it. Regulations like sign off from a certain office if contract is over a certain amount, disclosure to certain agencies etc.

    3) Tax evasion, easiest and yet most potent. Cash transactions like this are usually not taxed. Untaxed business transactions is a crime.

    PS: the trick is not to get her on the big issue but on the petty punishable offences, You’d be surprised what one convicted offence would elicit. Also the government in arguing their case should change the narrative – Nigerian public were the ones being defrauded, boko haram victims were the one at loss here, 240 million could feed a certain number of children, etc.


    • Well there’s been a rejoinder, hence it has become the classic case of he said, she said. Anyways without definite proof that the said transaction occurred, my earlier comment does not apply.


  6. But we all know nothing will come out of this Dasuki matter. They haven’t started building luxury prison in Banana Island, so don’t expect anyone involved to go to jail. At best, a fraction of the money (probably a tiny fraction) will be returned. Nothing else.


  7. Rumour peddlers. 240 million for only a blogger? Nah.


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