Winners Wednesdays – December 09 to December 15 2015


Last week’s winners are Serena Eyo (Fuschia Blanket) and Nne (Multicolor). Please check your emails and respond accordingly.

The Jersey matter has been resolved – Beecy and Dr. Sheggz will each get a Jersey (Na God Win)! Please send me an email with whatever email you use to comment on this site with the following – Preferred Team (also indicate an alternate team) and Jersey Size.

This new week I am doing Costume Jewelry Lots – four winners. The Lot will include broaches, earrings, necklace sets, bangles and rings. There will be 25 pieces of Jewelry in each lot representing the 25 days of Christmas. If you haven’t gotten your loved ones Christmas gifts or cannot afford to get them – this is a way to take care of all your loved ones (females) at the same time or even office staff or your customers.

The picture below is just some of the items – yes I don’t like taking pictures.

I will be picking the winners of this one again- not a random raffle. The only requirement to enter this is – an “I WANT IT”  -comment. If you write an epistle without the requisite, your comment will not qualify. As usual feel free to enter on behalf of someone else as these make really good Christmas gifts. Please only one lot per person, if you have won something before on this site and someone else who has never won anything also enters for the same thing, it is more likely they will get it. Just a heads up…we are all winners.

You must be able to get or have the item delivered to you in Lagos – Ikoyi or VI . This giveaway as usual ends next week Tuesday December 15 2015 at midnight.

Please if I owe you a giveaway bear with me, I will try to have it delivered by Friday the 19th at the latest – especially the Lagos Island folks – Some logistics challenges have been hindering me.

Goodluck winning.



20 Comments on Winners Wednesdays – December 09 to December 15 2015

  1. “I WANT IT” I love accessorizing a lot,adds that extra pizazz. Thank you.


  2. OMG I want it!!!. This must be the best giveaway yet.


  3. Awwww this is so nice. Way to go miss Pynk God bless you.


  4. precious udechukwu // December 9, 2015 at 20:24 // Reply

    Wow! I want it.


  5. Wow! I want it. These are so lovely, and enough to give away as gifts.


  6. Adeola Adeoba // December 9, 2015 at 21:06 // Reply

    Please I want it. Thanks


  7. Serena Eyo // December 9, 2015 at 22:44 // Reply

    I am delighted at your kind gesture. Thank you for the blanket. I am Clare’s friend and the Ikoyi address for item delivery. Thanks once more. Serena


  8. Well done miss pynk! God bless your kind heart..may you have a wonderfully merry December and Christmas..and a more fulfilling new year!xx


  9. I want a bird brooch.

    God bless ur generous heart Miss Pynk.


  10. Hello Miss Pynk! I want it because they’d be nice gifts for my female colleagues and cousins. Thank you!


  11. seeing as I haven’t competed in any giveaway in recent times, I’d just wait till Pynk decides to give out an airplane or island to increase my chances of winning when the time arises….hehehe. On a serious note, God bless your kind heart. Compliments of the season Pynk and all Pynk360 readers.


  12. Awwwww, thanks miss pynk. God bless you. Compliments of the season.


  13. I want it! Earrings or Brooches.
    Thank you


  14. But bis pynk, is there a supermarket in your house. Lol.

    Thanks for all you do to put a smile on pples faces.


  15. Very kind of you Ms Pynk. God bless.


  16. // December 11, 2015 at 09:04 // Reply

    Yay! I WANT IT. And I hope I get picked, i would love to finally win something…


  17. I want it…
    Wow, is this for real? Am new here
    by the way. May God bless whoever is spreading this love


  18. Tolu Fasakin // December 12, 2015 at 10:31 // Reply

    Beautiful. I WANT IT…the earrings r beautiful.
    just got my chunky neckpiece. Absolutely gorgeous. Thsnks misspynk God bkess u…..


  19. Beautiful! I WANT IT. A set of 25 items for mummy, colleagues and friends that need a smile on their faces. Miss Pynk I’ll be so blessed and favoured to win one of the items. Then I won’t have a blue Christmas after all. God bless your kind heart.


  20. miss pynk, thanks so much for the jersey. i’ve sent an email to you with the requested info but have gotten no reply


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