What is Wrong with Us?


In my usual way of trolling which seems to be my most current past time I found this on Laila’s Blog. My question is what is the rationale for lying after finding out? She wants to committ herself to the gamble of producing Sickle Cell children and then turn around and act confused? Are we so marriage thirsty that we throw caution to the wind and then throw away our brain with it too? I weep for Nigeria sometimes.

Shes 32 and there is pressure on her to get married. She met a guy and they got along so well but the first question he asked her was what her blood group is and she answered AA (which she thought she was because thats what her sch id card read after test was done in school) the guy said he is AS and he is required to marry AA so the wedding plans started, so there was a time she had a lump in her breast and she went to the hospital for treatment and another test was carried out just for the doctor to tell her shes AS…she has gone to 3 different hospitals it all came out AS . Shes so confused as for what to do….our other friends suggests she doesnt tell her fiance and just go ahead with the wedding plans. I dont know what advice to give her.

PS: on another note is there anything anyone wants to discuss? I am not feeling exactly creative or inclined to write these days. I need HELP!



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  1. She needs a resounding slap to reset her brain… How do you explain yourself when he finds out at the long run? The betrayal alone is enough to scatter the marriage.

    Societal pressure shouldn’t make single ladies commit to everlasting torture.


  2. See how people will be giving themselves unecessary wahala. She better open her mouth and tell him. How can you go into a life time commitment with lies?

    Even if both are AS they can still get married. You can now check the unborn child and if it’s SS consider an option. Or they may get lucky with a non SS child.


  3. Wow, I can understand her being reluctant to tell the guy, being that she may still be coming to terms with it herself. This genotype ish is really dealing with people, its happened to my sis and I felt all the pains she felt when she finally let go of the guy. So I know or have an idea what this person is going through, its really not easy.


  4. www.thelmathinks.com // December 8, 2015 at 18:49 // Reply

    I agree with Lohla, she may still be finding it difficult to come to terms with that reality. Also remember there’s a possibility that there are emotions involved. It’s just not something one can switch off and on at will. Yes there’s a thirst for marriage but I’m not keen on going on a rant about that at the moment. In all this its the silly friends I’m mad at, she may be having difficulty telling the guy or coming to terms with reality but they owe it to her to tell her the bitter truth. Those same friends will abandon ship when she’s faced with the reality of raising SS children.


  5. Meant to write….

    Even if both are AS they can still get married. You can now check the genotype of the unborn child and if he/she is SS consider abortion as an option. Or they may get lucky with a non SS child.


  6. Yeye of Lagos // December 9, 2015 at 12:36 // Reply

    She is living in denial and had better come to terms with the fact that it is what it is, She is AS. She better have a conversation with the guy and try to be as sincere as possible. If he still wants to stay fine, but not using deceit.


  7. in the end when they bring a sick kid to this world it wont be fun
    some things are hard but best to do them when its necessary


  8. Hard as this situation is, some people still go ahead and continue with the marriage. My husband’s colleague at work had this same issue, and despite pleas and warnings from all angles, he still went ahead…claiming that he had come too far to start all over again, and he needed to settle down.
    I never really know what to say on issues like this, one thing tho…..Her friends no be better people at all!!!


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