No Smoke Without Fire

If you have been online lately you would have heard of the saga with the singer abi is it rapper 2 shotz and his wife precious. He has pretty much been beating her. When his ex- Beverly Osu said he hit her before- people told her to “keep kwayet there”… including this same Precious. There is often no smoke without fire and I am saying to women today – know your partner and try your best to identify their traits properly before you put yourself in harms way because at the end of the day – your being dead or broken does nothing for anyone especially not your children.  A man who you also have to take care of is not your portion – you are not Jesus – you ought to be a partner not a saviour so do not go propping up an irresponsible man in thr name of love…love is not blind or at least make sure your own has sight…below is Precious open letter to here

My children…my world…I know I have a lot of explaining to do to you guys…I feel like I have failed you as your mother, your guardian!I have disappointed u, myself and my family…I tried to create a fantasy, a family…stability…a home…a happy one at that!!I want you to know that I’m sorry…from the bottom of my heart…I didn’t envision this…I didn’t see it coming…it was all so perfect at first…I did it for you, I’m still doing it for you!my heart is broken, my world is crumbled but I know better is in store for me…The devil can’t steal my joy…I don’t want to be tagged a “victim”…im NOT a victim..I have the Holy Spirit with me…he has comforted me throughout this experience…he told me all is well…I have overcome…I’m just going to work on being a better mom for you both…It is well…it will always be well! I’m sorry

Words are enough for the wise.



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  1. Thank God she left the marriage, a man that beats his wife is Weak. No matter the situation you are in,never ever raise your hands to hit a woman. The energy the he-goat is exacting on his wife he should have channel it into making something meaningful in his life. Domestic violence is a no no.


  2. I want to feel sorry for her, but I just can’t. You knowingly walk into a lions den with your eyes wide open and somehow think you won’t get devoured. Girl bye.

    Now she wants public sympathy. Pssssst. She should pick up her ego and publicly apologize to Beverly Osu. Nonsense.

    Women need to realize that it is better for children to grow up in a single parent home with loads of love, peace of mind, and def free of violence than for them to be in a 2 parent home where the father is really just a sperm donor with no sense in his head at all.


  3. Hmmm all I can say is thank God she’s outta that mess. She chose to ignore the previous abuse accusations and waited till the guy reminded her by beating up on her too. Too sad, I pray she finds peace and happiness.


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