Dont Be Poor


Poverty isn’t about money, it’s about attitude. Often times we associate being poor with lacking money while in reality it is far from it. You can have all the money in the world, meanwhile you don’t even understand the half of it – Nigerian office holders and politicians are often guilty of this. What is the point in owning a Bugatti if there is no road to drive it? What is the point in stealing to send your kids to Harvard if you are only going to turn around and bring them back to the environment you damaged?

I read about the Zuckerbergs pledging about $45billion over their lifetime to humanity and i was overwhelmed. My prayer in my life is to know how to be content and be willing to live a simple enough life that i am not trapped in a mindset of poverty and materialistic consumption. My prayer is I can identify need for someone else and fulfil it before satisfying my own wants.

My mega prayer is to live a life devoid of mental poverty in the true sense of it and to pass that off to my children…

My question to you, are your poor mentally? Feel free to share your thoughts with us, we aren’t here to judge but to help each other…it is not a crime to like nice things, it’s the cost at which they come that determines it all.

I will be back with winners Wednesday – it may be a bit late as I have had a “Lagos” kind of day today and just want my bed.



3 Comments on Dont Be Poor

  1. My mega prayer is to be comfortable and help the less privilege in my environment…

    I wish the greedy politicians can actually do something in their community,is a pity.

    Zuckerberg is setting an example in trying to make the world a better place.


  2. During Thanksgiving my aunt was saying a prayer, and 1 line jumped out “peaceful wealth”.

    That’s what I pray for. I can’t be looking over my back on top of money. With peacceful wealth comes responsibility. 2016 goal is to give more. I’m not where I need to be, but someone has it worse. I just got my 1st child I’ll be sponsoring through school. I’m super excited. Goal is to carry her educational expenses from secondary school through uni. May the forces be with me


  3. The Zuckerbergs are inspiring a whole new level of giving.

    I want to be able to touch lives positively in my own little way. I already do this, but I want to do much more.

    That picture of the young lad with the mighty chicken is living the life. Lol.

    Miss Pynk God bless your heart


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