Good Bye November


I had a weekend filled with emotions, love, food and reflection. November was extremely kind to me. How was your weekend?  I am beyond exhausted and ready to crawl back into bed…

Hubstar’s family knows how to do food sha…kai. According to one of his cousins “you people made us cry this morning during the memorial service and then turned around and fed us a horse” – we had a whole ram roasted on a spit as part of lunch. Did I say breakfast was served too?

I can barely move – thank God I don’t have an office to report to this morning…if not I would have been sacked…

I will be back when my senses are more intact and I am capable of composing a post that adds up.

On another note have you seen the rape allegations flying against the recently deceased politician’s son?  If yes what are your thoughts? I believe it’s a very unfortunate situation whereby it appears a minor was violated and because of Nigeria’s judicial system nothing will come of it…

Looking forward to a fantastic December



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  1. Mehn if what she said on her blog was true, then the guy was a savage!

    2015 has come to an end already wow. I wish us all a great December.


  2. how do nigerians come up with such captions….that picture toh
    can it still be november for one more week please, i have loads of coursework


  3. #SweetNovember God is faithful… Trust God to make December more beautiful.
    Miss Pynk may you always remember ur Bil in a most beautiful way,God’s Grace will continue to be with the ones he left behind.

    Some many thoughts on the rape allegations,wish some organizations will take up the case and let’s see where it leads.


  4. May your brother in law continue to rest with the Lord. Glad your fam was able to get together to comfort each other as you remember the life you lost a year ago.

    Somehow the spirit of peace has not been with me this month. Feeling somehow and I just can’t put my hand on it. By Gods grace Dec will be better.

    The rape case is sad. I think everyone can agree on the fact that dude took advantage of the babes naiveness/troubled mind and used it to his advantage. Its really sad that a lof of Nigerians arre not properly educated on Rape and its effects on victims. Seeing statements like

    – Abeg if it was rape how come she kept going back
    – Ehn she messed with his friends so shes just an ashewo
    – She’s vulgar is how she writes so …..

    Like its just sad that people actually feel there are reasons to justify it.


  5. November was amazing to me, I pray December is even better. About the rape allegations, most times I’m speechless. Our country is one where men think sex is their right and go to disturbing lengths to satisfy themselves. Things will not get better until people start getting punished. Every other day there’s a story of how one fool raped a 4 or 6 or 9 year old girl, yet they say there have been only 18 rape convictions so far in Nigeria. Men need to understand “no”. A girl may consent to some degree of intimacy without consenting to sex. When she says stop, STOP! Take a cold bath if you need to, take a walk, but for goodness sake, stop. Nobody cares if you bought her dinner worth 20k or if you paid her rent. And this idea of bringing friends to sleep with her? Hian! That she consented to sex with one person does not automatically imply consent for his whole village. I pray something comes out of this case, but with the way Nigeria is, I doubt it; they’re the high and mighty.


  6. November was a mixed feelings kinda month, I got good news (a new job at a location much closer to home) & not so good news (health concerns, but it will end in praise). December will be better..Amen
    The Sugabelly gist didn’t come as a surprise cos I had been following her blog since 2009 and she mentioned something about being raped back then but I never really got d full details. it’s a very messy n terrible story, and then the Audu guy goes ahead to release chats n msgs that don’t even exonerate him…. Mehn! I don’t even know what to say any more.

    May your bro-inlaw’s soul continue to rest in peace, and may December be the best month for us all…Amen.


  7. Yeye of Lagos // December 2, 2015 at 09:14 // Reply

    I think her coming out with this story right now is just a way of getting closure.

    And yes you can keep going back to an abuser … Love has a way of messing with the mind … I do hope she finds healing. Amen!


  8. May God heal your family, especially, the wife and kids of you brother-in-law and also give you all peace. May His soul rest in peace.


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