So today is Black Friday in America – black friday is technically the day after thanksgiving which is pretty much the day to celebrate the official snatching of America from the Native Americans.

Black Friday signals the beginning of profitability for many retailers – from red ink to black ink. It is essentially the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Now in Nigeria we have black Friday without Thanksgiving….

You start to wonder what is wrong with us as a collective. Is there no one willing to be original? Couldn’t it have been even named green friday – Nigeria favours the color green and green is a Christmas color. Green friday to signal the emergence of the festive season and actually make the entire experience relatable?

I am just wondering out loud that’s all.

This weekend will be the 1 year remembrance for my bro in law- it will be a trying one. God help us…either way have a blessed and relaxing weekend.



7 Comments on Originality

  1. Very soon we’ll be celebrating mardi gras looools.

    May his soul and the souls of all the departed, continue to rest in the bossom of our Lord


  2. Like the development of black Friday, I think we are just following the trend – what we excel in and know how to do best.

    May his soul and the souls of departed continue to rest in peace.


  3. When we lose a loved one, it’s never easy remembering whtthe meant to us.

    I urge you nd your family to celebrate his memory and talk about how wonderful he was when he was alive.
    May his soul and the souls of all the departed, continue to rest in the bossom of our Lord.


  4. Naija, we copy any and every.

    Even Halloween that ain’t out COT (cup if tea), we still carry for head.


  5. Oh ohhhh I was surprised when UK started doing Black Friday as well sha. So I guess anima ain’t alone there LOL


  6. The sudden Halloween celebration confounded me even more than the black friday.

    I wish your family the fortitude to endure. Take heart


  7. Anything to make more sales is generally encouraged


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