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Are you the type of woman you would want to be around or with? I find that many of us women complain about not being able to maintain friendships, find partners etc. I was reading on a popular blog and some lady wanted to know why since she was attractive, she couldn’t get the type of man she desired….etc. basically that sense of entitlement at work.

Let’s bust a few myths – physical attraction does not make you top of the picking for any reason. You may be attractive but your attitude stanks real bad. Afterall many women who are deemed average by society are in fully committed relationships and friendships. Are you someone people want to be around?

I am not asking anyone to go to the gym or go to the bar or any such – my question is are you the type of person anyone wants to be around? Are you interesting and comfortable in your own personality? My dad married my mom within 3 months of meeting her – my mother is a beauty queen – but he says aside the initial attraction she is kind and patient….anyone that knows my mum will say the same- she is even named after a saint.

Are you the woman you would want around you? That’s the real question…can you hold a conversation that will make people want to interact with you for whatever reason? Are you original?  Don’t go an be quoting Aristote if you aren’t sure oh- before you disgrace yourself….but my question is are you interesting in your own way? Does the thought of interacting with you excite people? Do you bring them a refreshing perspective?

Please let us remember these things before we start alluding that because we are attractive, God fearing and well educated we deserve certain degrees of relationships or friendships without looking deeper within.

Be personable in your dealings and be unique….make yourself memorable even long after you have left the room or an interaction.

A funny story – A friend of a friend whom I had never met wanted to date me….lol he had seen my picture once but in his mind  I was a legend because I worked in iraq at the height of the war…even our mutual friend didn’t know the conditions per say under which I worked. I don’t know what she said but dude was enamoured….till he found out I was dating someone else he knew.

Have you figured out how to make yourself memorable in a positive way?  If yes how?

For me it’s my wicked sense of humour,  generally unassuming nature and ability to interact with everyone from a general to a baby – i can even talk to a crazy person. I don’t ever assume because I look a certain way or dress a certain way or because I love God that I am anyone’s cup of tea.



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  1. some years back i heard a preaching asking if you will marry yourself, since then i make it a duty to ask myself that question once in a while just to be sure am still on track…this is another reminder


  2. good write-up. I think if people understood to seek friendship/relationships for its sake then they would understand a bit better how to handle relationships with people better. Pedigree, appearance, wealth, achievements etc don’t necessarily bequeath one with friends/partners etc.

    for me, a bit of humor, good listening skills, christian background, extrovert personality, a bit of being a ‘polymath’ seem to help.


  3. I sure could marry myself.

    Good one as usually Myss Pynk.

    Have you ever thought of writing book, in this case it would be a composition of so many issues, your mind is spot on.


  4. * usual, (English sha, ki ni ususally)


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