What would you do?



I would make sure I am in on the conversation Akin is to have with the estranged wife making sure he lets her know not to ever put my kids life in Jeopardy if not I am coming for her like a mad thug….




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  1. Touch my kids and and you gonna hear and see me roar.

    I’d sure put her in her place, only then will I let the man finish it where I left off.


  2. Akin will hear the whole story after I have paid the ex-wife a visit.

    You can do anything you want to Akin but not my kids,I will shred you to pieces.


  3. Akin would definitely need to handle HIS issues with her. Me o I personally handle MY own issues. Her madness can’t be affecting my kids…….i will CURE it for her.


  4. Erm sorry. I don’t have kids but Lord knows if anyone comes for my nephews, i’m going hood on your ass. No I can’t fight (lol) so i’ll just be hiring some agberos to come and disturb you peace.


  5. I’ll black out for the hours it would take me to deal thoroughly with her, when I’m done, the man can then continue from where I stopped. What nonsense… Hiaaan!


  6. Would definitely pay her a visit and speak some sense into her head. How dare you put innocent children at risk? I cant even imagine what kind of lunatic will make children get out of the car and onto the street. Whatever Akin likes he should do afterwards, if he cant stand up to his ex wife then i’ll conclude he’s too lily livered for me


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