A Memo To Nigeria’s Thieves

You know for everytime I read about someone who has looted funds intended for governance for their personal use I get really angry…because I can’t understand the level of stupidity involved in their reasoning. The latest one that left me in jaw dropping awe is the allegations against Dasuki the former NSA of Nigeria.  Everyone kept accusing the administration of not fighting BOKO haram hard enough, but folks were sitting there stealing – $2 billion is unaccounted for in terms of actual spending. So here it goes

I hope and pray for you that you can see beyond your own shortsightedness one day. You are stealing the people’s future because you want to own 1,000 houses around the globe and spend money that is not legitimately yours. Oh you want to drive a Ferrari and fly in a private jet and send your children to school overseas?

Well news flash – you will drive your fancy cars on the wretched roads and infastructure your thieving helped to create. Your 1000 houses you cannot live in all at once. Oh your private jet? It will land in the sh**ty a** airport you stole funds from. Oh and oh your children- send them to the best institutions overseas, they are at the mercy of those whose parents you have deprived of a livelihood and who you have in turn deprived of a future. No your children will never be isolated- while they may not make friends with the ones you have deprived of a future- they will have access to them in a variety of ways – bad as e bad they will be their domestic help. Your children will know no safety and the monsters that were created will eat them for breakfast.

You would think the stupidity would stop, but they want to reduce the minimum wage from N18,000 monthly – live in domestic help with meals included is N20k per month. I am not talking about slave Cotonou and Togo labour- but a living wage. Meanwhile their children are getting married in weddings that cost upwards of N100 million – I don’t have anything against the jet set life but don’t use common wealth money to do nonsense.

Nigerian rulers generally have no business governing as many of them cannot even operate profitable businesses talkless of states and government organisations which ought to be profit generating and are only concerned about sharing allocation from the Federal level.

Whatever you deprive someone else of today, your children will pay multifolds – let us remember this basic fact as we go about our lives.

That’s all. Have a fruitful week ahead.



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  1. ms pink, permit me to re-edit… Whatever you deprive someone else of today, your children, grand children, great grand children, etc will pay multifolds… those folks really cant see beyond dier nose


  2. I say a big AMEN….nothing more


  3. I couldn’t sleep when I read about the allegations made about Dasuki, even if he is yet to be proven guilty, knowing how the Nigerian state works, I can tell you that over 50 percent of the allegations may be very very true considering the lackluster attitude former president jonathan had on corruption.

    These people steal without mercy, haba, so so billions, not even millions, kilode.

    I want to scream, cry, beat, choke, slap, everything possible you can think of is what I wanna do to these Thieves.


  4. Amen, amen n amen


  5. It’s so easy to be labeled a hero/superstar by Nigerians. All these thieving politicians just need to spend 1/3 of their loot and they’ll go down in history as legends. But nooo they are there gathering wealth and hiding it from their own families. They’ll die and foreign bank accounts now have our money.

    “One day the poor will have nothing to eat but the rich”


  6. I totally agree with your thoughts on the topic. Its so annoying the way our politicians cannot see beyond their own desires and needs. You are elected to help the people or appointed to make an impact in the life of the people yet you act like you are reaping from your father’s farm. Enriching yourself to the detriment of several million people, going abroad and enjoying luxuries while your country people dont even have the essentials. We need a major overhaul of our political machine desperately.


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