Blood Convenant


So my week has been interesting to say the least. I had to get out of town for a few days and had returned….I narrated my experience to my mother and the conversation below ensued.

I left town for a short period – i told my housekeeper she could go see her mom for 2 or 3 days but to be back the day before I got back. Don’t worry they never know when I am back. As per she has a room in the Boys Quarters, she has no access to my house unless my husband or myself is around.

I kept calling her from the airport – phone switched off. I was like this knuckle head girl has probably destroyed her phone or it is network.  When i got home, i knocked on her door and someone else opened it- I said sorry but who are you? She said ” I am Regina’s cousin, Regina has stepped out. I said ok tell her to call me when she gets back.” Tired i went up.

The next morning nothing…. so i decided in my mind that i was done with her. The next evening i got back home and saw the same cousin who I don’t know from Adam or steve and told her I didn’t care who she was but she had to be out of the room by 10am the next morning. I won’t put a woman out at night, i collected the room keys and notified the security guards.

The next morning was uneventful – she had gone by the time i went down there. In my mind it was over. The next morning after she cleared out- hubstar tells me Regina’s cousin is at the door. I said huh? So i go to the door wondering why anybody would intrude on my morning. That’s how oh girl started talking- That she has no where to go, i fi can employ her without pay she doesn’t mind- I said sorry I cant. Then she said ok she will tell me the truth- Regina went to the village to go and see her mom. But the Sunday before the Pastor at Christ Embassy told her to go and break a blood convenant she had made and so Regina’s mother told her she had to wait for the person she did the convenant with to come back to the village so it could be broken. So Regina said I would hire her in her place. 

I was very calm during the whole exchange and told her she had to leave the compound. I then called the gaurds to let them know under no circumstances should she be in the compound.

Then I called my mom to retell her what happened. And my mother out of the entire conversation said ” please I wany to learn, what is blood convenant?” My shock on how to respond was evident – I now remembered she is a foreigner. But then how am I even supposed to know what blood convenant is? My mother turned the whole saga into joking matter. So i told her that the blood convenant I see on African magic they use blade cut each others finger, suck the blood and take an oath- it’s accuracy I can’t verify.

That was my story oh. But do people still do these things? Or is it more like love convenant?



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  1. Silly people still do that ish o!! Even if they don’t fear God, they should respect HIV na….lol.

    Seriously tho, love nor fit shack me reach to do blood oath abi na covenant.


  2. People be doing blood covenant on top of poverty.


  3. this time, season and Er?? SMH


  4. I think the people who do it ( have done it and are facing the consequences) are those who did it when they were really young, ignorant and idealistic- who probably never saw any Nollywood movies where this was the topic ( is that what it’s called in movie world, biko?)
    It’s got serious repercussions though- I hope she’s able to break out of it.


  5. Oad you are so sillllllly. Bursting out with the African magic reference. People be giving power to non existent stuff.

    Abeg go and conduct casting and binding mission in that your bq oh. Lol


  6. Hmm. People still do it ooo. It’s usually out of fear of losing the partner or proof that you; a partner wouldn’t go anywhere that they ask for it and do it.

    I’d like to think it’s young people who do it.
    Either because love is truly “shacking” both, that they do not think, or just out of being tired of the other person’s distrust and request and just giving in, instead of walking out.


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