The Face of Evil


Now somebody help me understand why a couple that are both  adoctor and Nurse would refuse to pay someone else for their labour and then abuse them in addition? These people are supposed to be well educated and they still carried this crass mentality to the west. If you cannot pay a living wage ‘ whatever the going rate is, do not employ these people. I don’t understand why any human being believes another human being doesn’t deserve some dignity. Folks also really need to stop employing children. I hope this twosome rot in jail for the rest of their natural lives…same way they have deprived someone else of a life.

Nigerian couple found guilty of enslaving another Nigerian for 24 years in the UK

A Nigerian couple, Emmanuel and Antan Edet, living in the UK have been found guilty of keeping a fellow Nigerian, Ofonime Sunday Inuk, now 40 as a slave for 24 years at their home in Perivale, North West London. Ofonime had contacted a charity organization, Hope for Justice, after he watched a TV documentary on modern day slavery.

Ofonime told Harrow Crown Court he arrived in the UK from Nigeria in 1989 when he was 14 and made to look after the couple’s home and children. He told the court he had been promised an English education before coming to the UK but was instead made to work, with the warning that if he left the house or went to the police he would be arrested for being an illegal immigrant.

He said he had made attempts to escape and spoken to the police in 2005, but was left “a bit dejected” after being told by an officer it was a “family matter”.

Ten years later he contacted the Metropolitan Police again when he saw media reports about modern slavery and realised the life he was being made to lead was wrong. He emailed a charity organization, Hope for Justice, which in turn contacted Scotland Yard to co-ordinate his release.

Prosecutor Damaris Lakin told the court: “Emanuel and Antan Edet have cruelly robbed this victim of 24 years of his life. They have treated him with complete contempt. Not only did the defendants have total psychological control over the victim, but they also had control of his passport and identity documents. This was a shocking case of modern day slavery which has no place in our society.”

The couple were found guilty of child cruelty, slavery and assisting unlawful immigration. The Edet’s pleaded not guilty to the three count charges.

Source: BBC



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  1. Wow! This is really a modern day slavery. I agree that they should rot in Jail for the rest of their lives…imagine the psychological and emotional trauma the guy must have gone through and will still go through. 24 years of his life, Just wasted!!! Sad.


  2. How can someone be this wicked….what would it have cost them to give the dude basic education. is that too much to ask???

    The world just gets crazier by d day!


  3. What a wicked world we live in….how do they sleep at night
    They definitely deserve to rot in jail…such wickedness


  4. I remember ready about this story a while back when he was just freed. It’s good to know that just prevailed.

    What this people did is pure evil. I’m a little older than 24. I can’t even begin to imagine all they robbed this man of. I pray for God to heal his heart and grant him favour in his endeavours.


  5. This evil knows no equal.
    24 wasted years?Where wld he begin? how wld he live a normal life with all the trauma he has been subjected to?
    This is far worse than murder.


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