So like many other people I am still wondering where the world has gotten it wrong. I am talking about the latest of attacks on freedom…Paris. you start to wonder if we will ever achieve peace globally or we will all continue to live in fear. What breeds so much hatred? Lebanon car bombings, Iraqi car bombings, closer to home the Boko boys etc.

How did the world get to where it is where we feel like its ok to go out and kill people? Or the youth become so disenfranchised that its ok to go out and do such? Now the West is panicked and shutting borders- the anti immigration crew – the Republicans in America are having a field day with propagating their bigot views.

You think Boko Haram is up North and It doesn’t affect you? Think again. You think Paris doesn’t affect you? Think Again, you think Lebanon is far away? It’s only one flight away.

Be ready if you have migrated to the west to face more scrutiny.  If you intend on travelling – be ready. If you hold dual citizenship or your children do- be ready ( the questions will become more) and citizenship will become harder. Americans are likely to push for the cancrllation of birth citizenship in the next 10 years max (so you cant just get a passport- come in and blow them up after being trained in God knows where). Refugees especially of the Islamic persuasion will find it harder to migrate to the west…

Why do we migrate when we are unwilling to integrate?  You want the stability of the West but want your culture? 

One thing of note – two of the attackers came into Europe as refugees through Syria – so they will shut that mess down real soon. The people who need help won’t be getting any. My other question is – the middle east is fraught with war- but you find that there are few stable countries in the area that accept refugees. Jordan and Lebanon.  The other generally don’t.

I hear Australia has a rule that if you cannot speak English within 6 months of arriving in the country, they remove you? I also hear they are willing to pay countries who will take Australians who have gone to fight abroad in- meaning Australian citizens who go to fight jihad will have their citizenship revoked. France is currently dealing with over 5000 such people and is struggling on what to do with them in terms of monitoring and canceling citizenship.

Somehow Saudi Arabia always seems to go silent when stuff like this happens. Muslims also stay silent, it is not Islam, but these lunatics aka ISIS  and co have louder voices than the other muslim believers and until people start denouncing this nonsense violence will be propagated against Islam in general by ignorant people who want to retaliate.

Thats my 25 kobo for today. May the victims of all the messes around the world RIP and somehow we find the way forward for this generation and the ones to come.



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  1. My sentiments exactly, why are the “real” Muslims silent.

    Why are they not also running counter measures on a daily basis telling the world that this is wrong.

    No where is safe.


  2. can God come already please….Living in constant fear is not the way forward cos like you said it affects us all ,it may seems far but it isn’t


  3. It was a sad event but we need to learn lessons and move forward. I dont know what ISIS is fighting for but for 3 brothers armed in AK-47 to look @ their fellow humans with a single head just like them and start firing, i think something is really wrong somewhere. I pray that God will grant the souls of those that died in the carnage, perfect peace. We should all pray for peace in the world (with God all things are possible). And i think we should learn to standup for one another and stop playing that ”discrimination card”


  4. Its so much closer than we think and its scary to think that no one is being left out of this brutal assault. The senselessness of the killing is just to much for my mind to process. I hope and pray that peace finds us all soon.


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