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Ladies before you send your pre-wedding pictures to any website in Nigeria, make sure you don’t have skeletons in your closet. If you haven’t heard – there is a current saga on a popular site that posts weddings and pre-wedding pictures. The young lady had found her prince (more like king cos the bros was old small) and chose to marry him. However “bros stee get wife for house oh”- bros hadn’t tidied his affairs as the current wife-estranged or not has said they are not divorced. Unless your religion permits it, shine your eye before you marry someone else’s husband or worst yet they disgrace you publicly.

But the question I even want to start with – you know your boo has boo’d soo0 many people in the past, but you go and take prewedding pictures then use your hands to send them to websites! why biko? Do you need the public to validate this union that bad or you want to convince the public you are in love? Ahhdontbelieeveeet! Then again my house caught fire the day hubstar and I decided to take pre-wedding pictures because we wanted to feel among – it wasn’t meant to be those pictures I tell you.

Back to the saga – so while the wife is being neglected she decided to cry out and say – dude hasn’t divorced me yet. Which in theory he is American and bigamy isn’t allowed. maybe that’s why he offered to marry his Nigerian princess in Nigeria and Dubai. But dude has stopped taking care of his kids financially and is now allegedly spending money on the princess. Now women – make una fear God – a man who will overlook his own seed to spend money on you will treat you very very badly when he is ready to. He is not even faithful to his own DNA is it to you he will be faithful in the long term? King Oyinbo had been married twice already; while you have a right to celebrate finding a husband- biko don’t announce it to the world oh – there are two other people who he has wronged. While the 3rd time may be the charm – statistics says it is often not….

Young ladies – do not tap into anybody’s blessings – not even my own. God will not give you somebody else’s husband as a husband and if you are patient enough and investigate long enough you will know the truth. Nor make anybody disgrace you on top of “i gorra marry”. For the unmarried readers who desire marriage – my prayer for you is that you marry well – to the point where even you will be asking God “is it me that you have lifted up like this”. Good men are plentiful – they may not come how you expect them to, but remember what has been designed for you will never be bad for you. Take your time, use your brain and ask the right set of questions. If you are tempted to share your love with the world- I ask you to show restraint and guard your love while you nurture it.

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  1. Word!


  2. This is the post of the century….word.

    Miss Pynk, enough gbosa’s for you.


  3. Nne, i don’t even know where to start from…..i was reading the King Oyibo story this morning on my way to work, and it’s really very sad and disappointing.
    it’s too messy to even start talking about.

    May God guide us all


  4. Oh Ms Pynk! Why you gotta make me agree with you so often? *sideyes*
    And that your house catching fire the day you and hubstar planned to take pre-wedding pictures to feel.among got me LOL.


  5. Saw the story on twitter yesterday so I opened the site, Omo the tori plenty, this is why you shouldn’t tap into blessings anyhow. The response by the current lady to the site shows she knew what she is getting into from day one. She also hacked into the wife’s phone to send her pictures of how she’s spending the money, that is so Immature.
    Wetin this ‘I must marry’ thing go cos ehn….


  6. Cause*


  7. I will never understand why people tap into still photos taken at a point in time. Oh wells.

    Back to said matter. I must be the only unphased one. TRuth is I don’t believe new lady was blind sighted at all. I have come to realize that people are looking for different things in marriage. While most sane people want love, hapiness, peace of mind, others desire something else.

    The 2nd wife what is she truly fighting for. A dead love? Pls the only matter at hand as far as I am concerned is the kids. Everyone else is a grown adult and can make decisions for themselves. Unfortunately the kids can. It hurts my innermost soul to see pple neglect their children. Some many people looking for the fruit of the womb and there are losers abandoning their children. Sigh.

    God truly is merciful


  8. * kids can’t

    On pre wedding photos, I call it waste of money and time. After all me and oga don waka to plenty events and we’ve had professional photogs hired for those events snap us pics for free.

    Besides no need for photos to be floating around beforet you end up on buckets, bags, and things.


  9. The wedding culture in Nigeria has totally changed face in a short time period. Here I am still trying to understand all these pre wedding stuff and this story landed yakataaa…
    The children, the children…too sad


  10. I’d say Amen to the prayer!


  11. Ahan you people share the link now?
    pity those of us who are not social media savvy but gist-thirsty


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