Privacy in the age of social media. ..i have a few questions and thoughts. Are you entitled to privacy if you post every move of your life on social media? I mean you travel- before the flight takes off you have posted yourself at the airport with tags of the airport- you are waiting to connect and You have posted yourself in the lounge.

Your significant other buys you a gift or flowers- you rush onto instagram and create a collage and tag the guy in it saying how awesome he is. You guys fight – you stop everything you are doing to update your bbm status with some quote you found on instagram about treating a woman right.

You go shopping in Paris – you take pictures to ask folks to pick one of the bags in the LV store for you so you can buy it.

Your husband or bf cheats on you, you call all your friends to discuss the matter etc. But irrespective of what they say you aren’t leaving him…

My question of the day is whether or not these people deserve any sort of privacy…. we are often so used to seeing their lives on display that we believe it is open for the judging and critiquing.

I am personally not one for putting everything out there…very few people know my movements or my activities and even fewer know about the intimacies of my home…. I am a staunch believer in keeping private details private and opening up on issues without betraying my personal space….

I recently saw a post on social media where someone called out someone I know about how she should stop reporting her cheating husband to her friends and I was like “Jisos”! But then I asked myself the question – when you let everyone into the parts of your life that should be sacred, do you deserve privacy?

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  1. Chrisyinks // November 8, 2015 at 19:45 // Reply

    privacy is a knotty issue to dissect in this age of social media. Obviously, by posting detailed pictures of one’s personal life, one violates the concept of privacy with the violation initiated by the poster. The resulting question here would be the level of discretion to be exercised by the audience?


  2. Posting stuff on the internet via social media accounts can be likened to sending out invitations to treat. Except users of privatised social media accounts who have the right to feel violated if one of their friends shares posted info.


  3. Saw a post on fb. A lady posted her ticket details on social media.By the time she got to the airport to check in, she realized her ticket had been cancelled. Na her wahala to figure out which of her friends/followers called to cancel. lol

    everything should not be shared with everyone


  4. Fact is that social media is a tool to be used to ones advantage, while many are making millions out of SM, others are destroying their lives with it.


  5. If you post your whole world and enjoy all the attention you get from social media, you should be able to stand the heat.


  6. I personally think if you post your every move on social media you should expect any form of privacy… invited this pple into your life without them asking


  7. Moderation is key!!


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