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indexI am sitting here trying to figure out what exactly the Job of the National Identity Management Commission in Nigeria (NIMC) is. First we are told we must apply for a voters card, then next a National ID card, International Passport, Driving License, Sim Card registration – all these have our fingerprints and then the Bank too is asking for their own. Oh I have forgotten the LIRS one, then the Lagos State one. For one, I am personally Id’d out – the question I want to really ask is what is NIMC doing? Why isn’t there a harmonized number attached to one individual? BVN I can go and say my Name is Pynk Onyinye, Drivers License it is Pynk Oyinkansola etc. Everybody and their mother wants my fingerprints, but they can’t even work together? Whatever happened to just one number – assigned at birth? Make people unable to transact business till they have that number and create a system such that even the banks can verify the number and the associated identity….oh I forgot we have no light to make that possible 24 hours a day.

I won’t even start on National Bureau of Statistics – they have improved since Statistician General Kale started but – they will hear it from me one day.

One bank like that has shut down my account – I refused to submit my BVN to them – they charge fees for an account that is not used, so they can kiss my stushie. I have two other accounts linked with my BVN…ntoin!

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  1. Hmmm… Miss pynk i don tire for nigeria matter. To me NIMC dosnt exist. They keep saying its 4 security but other countries that are even more secure only need ur thumb on their finger print scanner for database purposes once. They make me wonder if in nigeria our finger prints change with time. I feel the right policy has not been put inplace


  2. Its a case of every agency wanting to make money from a fresh registration. If not a system similar to the social security number utilised in America should have been instituted. But no, every 2 years or so we are made to re-register with different agencies. We continue to pray for change


  3. On point as always, miss Pynk. But come to think of it, if they introduce a number such as the social insurance number in Nigeria, most people will think it’s the number spoken about in the book of revelations concerning the end of the world! Lmao!!! Nigeria sha. I have kissed all my accounts goodbye jo. Too much stress.


    • N anyone that thinks that should be sensitized otherwise – rapture has not taken over America despite all the madness is it Nigeria it wants to start from?


  4. Adeola Adeoba // November 4, 2015 at 07:31 // Reply

    Hi Pynk…
    Diffrent Agency with diffrenct policies, all in the name of generating money for their agencies. I think I buy the idea of one particular identity number per individual for all transactions within the country. This will help to have the change we have being clamouring for. I know this grate country will get there one day.


  5. NIMC doesn’t exist to me,I registered for an id card and they couldn’t find it,ok I registered another one again and I was given a temporary one,up till now I haven’t gotten the card and the temporary one is not accepted in banks.
    I dunno why everything is just stressful to get in this country,talk about the stress to get your driver’s licence renewed. Thank God I did the BVN reg when the whole bank wasn’t crowded and linked it to the other important one,they can block the last one for all I care,that particular bank can deduct your money anyhow,all in the name of bank charges.
    I don’t think Nigeria can really be organised in terms of national identification cos if it was taken seriously,we won’t be having outrageous election results and re-election ish. The same people trying to make the system work are the same set of people pulling it down.


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