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So if you have or haven’t been paying attention- mtn has been fined over $5 billion for not disconnecting unregistered sim cards in Nigeria. The amount is essentially over N1 trillion. There are a few issues to take note of…

The fined amount is possibly more than the company generates annually and they are obviously being made an example out of by the NCC as NCC has warned telcos to register all sim cards…MTN did fail to comply.

A lot of the crimes committed in Nigeria are done using phones – kidnapping, terrorism etc. Rumour has it that Olu Falae’s kidnappers had unregistered sim cards which were from MTN…and a few of the boko haram sims likewise. That said a fine is justified.

There is now another thought- the fine is excessive- however if it wasn’t excessive will it be an effective detterent for them to follow the law? The next question is – does this make foreign investors think twice about coming into Nigeria? Because on one hand I would like to think if you willingly operate in Nigeria,  you must be willing to obey the law….

Please share your thoughts.  If you use mtn are you planning to change?

The Jersey is still HERE




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  1. The fine was necessary but quite high, I am certain they would shift ground and resolve the issue with a reasonable but punitive amount.

    I totally stopped using MTN internet services after a major rip off. I only use the said line for making nd receiving calls. I’m not too confident with this whole porting…ish, else I’d have ported.


    • Clare I ported from yellow to the E-green. service is generally better as the network is less congested. As for the fine I don’t think they will shift ground – because when you think about it, its a big security issue.


  2. MTN and their wahala… serves them right,the fact that they rip you off is enough to wish them this kinda ish. They are never coordinated. With all the text they kept sending every five minutes on re-registration,they couldn’t carry out their threat on blocking lines.
    NCC knows they can’t pay,even when I read it somewhere that they agreed to pay.
    This doesn’t stop foreign investors from coming to Nigeria because we all know how these things work.
    I use Mtn as my second line and I don’t plan to change cos to be honest they have wider coverage.


    • hmm – Kiki i wonder why they didn’t follow the orders though. They have wider coverage but a more congested network. Their head has resigned – that’s just the beginning.


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