Happy November

November ember ember ay ay ay ember ember ember ember ay ay ay ayyyyu! Lol don’t mind me I am just goofing. Happy November. ..I know we are going to have a fabulous month and an even more wonderful December….October was possibly my most challenging month this year mentally- but I always try to remember that if I made it out alive, God isn’t done with me. November is looking very bright- I am looking for my sunshades. 

How was your October? And are you looking forward to November?

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  1. Errrmm……I think i have your sunshades with me…lol

    Thank God for a new month, October was an interesting month (I finally let go of a habit i kinda struggled with), but November has to be better. I am positive, making plans and praying seriously about that.


  2. Yayyyy, my birth month. I pray Go surprises me with something I have been yearning for. I m so expectant. (my hubster n I have our birthdays this month, ) my father as well.

    I wish you a very fulfilling month Ms Pynk, with loads of abundant blessings, your personal money printing machine and loads of Joy.

    God bless you and each and every blog visitor


  3. Adeola Adeoba // November 2, 2015 at 13:23 // Reply

    October was awesome but thank God for Sweet November because it is my birthday month. May all our dreams come true this month.


  4. November is going to be hectic for me but am looking forward to it with good spirits and trust in God
    Have a good month pynk


  5. Am soo excited because novvy is my bday month… So nah i’ nt looking forward to december yet


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