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My response to THELMA even though she asked a while back.

1. Blogging can be tedious and tiring, how do you stay motivated?

I just go with the flow of the day or current mood- we all have something to say at many points- I just work on articulating my thoughts and sharing.

2. If you could have a super power, what would it be?

A money printing machine- many of the world’s problems are money related. On the other hand – make sure everyone has happiness.

3. What inspired the name of your blog?

I like the color pink- I have always had a “pink”- something blog. The fuschia persuasion tends to lift my mood no matter how rotten I feel- so why not? Pynk – is just funky for pink.

4. What do you find to be your least admirable quality?

My sense of honesty – it’s quite abrasive when I get ready….it’s an inherited trait courtesy of my dad. I am learning to shut up more and just ignore things and people as I get older…

5. If you could live someone’s life for a day who would it be and why?

My friend Ron Chavez- he is an amazing soul and he just got a job in the Marshall Islands – my dream life was to be a travelling cultural anthropologist to just see how folks live around the world. 

6. What’s one item you cannot live without?

Does the internet count? Not even a phone per say- anything that can get me on the internet.  I planned my wedding by email – have planned entire life events by email etc. I don’t really feel the need to be physically present anywhere to get things done…so the internet.

7. If you had to spend the rest of your life in one country which would it be?

I can’t. …that’s asking me to kill myself. One country? I can’t I would have a nervous breakdown – i need to go- I have a wandering gene – the most I have done without leaving anywhere in my adult life is 6 months…if it got to it- i could volunteer for a round trip to hell so long as my return is guaranteed. Mbanu I can’t committ. I live in Nigeria now….but will look for any excuse to travel…Maybe America for economic and stability reasons but I don’t even see that…..

8. Preferred date idea; movies and dinner or hiking and picnic?

Movies ke? I would rather just eat and have a conversation over the food…i like food- movies aren’t my thing per say. Hiking- to where? Picnic- not a fan of sitting in grass – I don’t like those type of dates where stuff will crawl all over me.

9. Tell one fact about yourself your blog readers would be shocked to hear. 

Fact – I was born dead, the doctors didn’t think i would make it. But na God Win!

10. Your first thought when you woke up this morning. 

Why do I have to get up? 😅

Hope you learnt something about me…feel free to ask me questions within reason – no I won’t tell you my government name or my husband’s name either or the intimate details…but feel free to ask other questions.

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  1. @ “I don’t like those kind of dates where stuff will crawl over me”

    Of your many destinations, which is your fave and why?


  2. The cuteness of your nephew is out of this world.


  3. I know your government name, so i won’t ask…

    How many kids would you like to have? preference for any gender? why?


    • 2 Maximum Nkechi. Unless I end up with like triplets or quads – there is no reason in my mind to have so many kids and then have them competing for resources. No gender preference. A child is a child – healthy.


  4. // November 1, 2015 at 10:08 // Reply

    LOL @ money printing machine!


  5. Lol at my government name or husband’s name.

    At some point I was obssessed with you so I googled you till I found you and your hubby…lol I must have spent at least 2hrs on the internet that day just clicking link after link. Now, I cant for the life of me remember your new last name. But I saw ur hubby’s cousin last week 😉


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