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I have sooo many things to say but I don’t really know what to say today. How are you and how has your week been? Feel free to tell us how your week went – you can vent, give praise or just say something. Be sure to leave a comment. …all I want to do is sleep as all I feel is exhaustion.  I am grateful for the end of the week nonetheless….I need to sit down and respond to comments – I am like the debtor this week lol.

See now when I lie down this sleep won’t come…the joys of running a one man business – you are your own secretary, accountant,  analysy and CEO…while it often has its rewards it can mess with you on not so good days.

That Jersey is still HERE



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  1. i just have one question really…why cant we all be equal, have money, do well in school ,why are some always ahead of others?


  2. This week has been good…. I had a job interview yesterday, and the members of the panel were on fire, but thankfully it went well. I have another one on Tuesday next week, and I’m sincerely hoping on God for the best.
    The year is almost ending and I have faith that my prayer requests for 2015 will soon manifest as testimonies.

    Started listing out my 2016 goals/plans, and by God’s grace it will be a better year…..

    It’s my niece’s 1st birthday party on sunday, funny how it feels like just yesterday we all rushed to the hospital to see her, and now she doesn’t even let me carry her anymore…lol. how time flies…

    In other totally unrelated news, I wish some will just vex n slap me with a cheque of like 2mill, I’ll ‘shoki’ from here to ijebu ode n back…lol

    I rest my case!


  3. My week has been crazy busy, pursuing something that didn’t need pursuit but hey it’s Naija for you. Thank God I was able to close it favourably today so yeah I’m happy and relieved, I can enjoy the weekend in peace hopefully.


  4. My week has been so so, niceee and we’re about to start turning up per the weekend!


  5. What a cray week. Battling allergies/cold/I don’t know what else. Finally stopped self medicating and carried myself to the Dr. Alas my body was fighting an infection. Antibiotics to the rescue.

    If my crazy state I was still out there venue hunting for my wedding. I’ll say this has to be the most annoying part of wedding planning. Sigh


    • Bee sorry to hear. I hope you are feeling much better now. As for wedding planning – my dear do not overstretch yourself oh. And if they annoy you, move it to mexico…lol.


  6. Adeola Adeoba // November 4, 2015 at 07:36 // Reply

    My week has being okay..just that most times I just wonder why God created some good individuals but they just choose to be wild and stupid animals in human form?


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