When You are…

When you work from home most times, being a procrastinator is very easy if you are not disciplined. I am not always disciplined and many times my sense of urgency kicks in when I have about a week left to deliver a job. I picked up my laptop- looked at it, then decided to check what was on TV and I found this


African Magic is a trip – Bisola Beyonce? 😅. I am watching it now – I know I will pay for the error in my ways starting this evening with midnight work :'(. But it may be too late for me to change this particular error in my ways….by the way my work is never late- the procrastinator in me just almost always wins.

How is hump day treating you?



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  1. Lol @ bisola Beyonce. Africa magic never disappoints.

    I’ve been so sleepy all day, like someone who had fufu for breakfast….been walking up n down the stairs just to get the sleep off but that one no work o!


  2. Africa magic lol,the only channel that ease my stress.
    Guess we have the same trait,I tend to work well when the deadline is approaching, I have a project I’m working on presently and I need to submit it before next week ahead of an intl conference,I just keep staring at my laptop lol. The good thing is that the job gets done before the deadline 🙂


  3. Na the same boat carry us both be dt…..I have ICAN exams next month n i bring my book to the office most times so wen m less busy i can go thru it, but out of 5 ‘less busy’ times i end up reading anyfin only once…….wen d exam is staring me in d face is wen i’ll nw strt doing TDB, lol……it always works for me doe


    • Aww all the best in your exams. I remember when I was still writing ICAN, seems like a long time ago. Mehn i’m old o.


  4. There’s just something about everything fall into place when i’m about to meet the deadline. I don’t fight it anymore jare. From experience I know everything will be great at the end.


  5. Thanks @zoe


  6. Trust African Magic to never disappoint with rubbish movie titles


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