Football Time – Winners Wednesday – October 28 to November 10

The winners of the last giveaway are Rwuthe (Purple and Gold necklace), Osagie Obasohan (Gun metal necklace), Beecy (Vintage multi color necklace), Tolu Fasakin (Grape Antique necklace) and Lucynthia (chunky brown & cream necklace). Please check your email and respond. Please if I owe you an item from winners Wednesday – give me a bit of time to deliver it or have it delivered – in the middle of a lot right now logistically speaking.

So this week I am coming with something interesting. Our Darling friend Kayode O. has graciously donated a Jersey for winners Wednesdays and we have chosen to make it fun as usual. IT’s A FOOTBALL JERSEY THAT IS UP FOR GRABS. YOU GET TO PICK YOUR TEAM (English Premiership League) & JERSEY SIZE. 

indexThe rules are simple

1. Tell us your thoughts on the Current Nigerian Administration (PMB & Co) in terms of development and national advancement.

2. Get the highest number of reasonable responses on your comments. 

The giveaway lasts for two weeks to give everyone time to organize themselves and lobby for responses to their comment. Remember there is no rule that says this can’t be won by a lady (yeah guys I expect the men to all show up but I am hoping a lady wins it).

Please note the winner must be able to pick up the Jersey in Victoria Island, Ikoyi or Onikan- your picture will be taken and posted on the site. The giveaway is open from October 28 to November 10 2015 midnight.



10 Comments on Football Time – Winners Wednesday – October 28 to November 10

  1. Fasakin Tolu // October 28, 2015 at 22:50 // Reply

    Thanks for the gift My wife will be so surprised..that I won.


  2. Thanks a lot pynk! I am so excited that i won the necklace. God bless u plenty…*muah*


  3. Yaaaaay, i won o…….first time i’m winning anything ever. Thanks misspynk.


  4. I’m confused here…is the giveaway for a Laptop or Football Jersey?


  5. Well, since no one is sharing, lemme share my own thoughts on the present administration cos winning a Jersey wouldn’t be a bad idea atal, lol. Before i start though, i’ll have y’all know i’m pro Buhari.

    Before PMB assumed office, i was actually very optimistic about this government and that ‘I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody’ soared my spirit the more. I won’t say i’m disappointed cos there is still a long way to go but my optimism is gradually reducing and this is not because i feel he is not doing anything but i feel he is bin too relaxed, this is a man that ran for this position how many times before he eventually won, now 6 months down the line we still don’t have ministers holding portfolios. I expect him to have all these already mapped out the moment its clear he has won the election, so by now the ministers should have assumed office and started working and by extension the economy moving. Now so many sectors are on standby awaiting ministers in-order for them to run effectively.

    Yea, I have notice changes in some areas, e.g, PHCN, cos to be honest light has improved a lot in most areas but i don’t know if this is peculiar to Lagos doe, some refineries have started functioning again, Boko haram is gradually losing the battle cos to me i feel the rate of the bombing has quite reduced compared to before. Buh I believe he could have achieved more if proper plans were put into place before he assumed office. Not 1 major policy has been put in place since May o.

    Now bringing it down home, Lagos state has bin a mess since this new administration, traffic is getting worse by d day, robbery is on the increase, accidents everywhere….it just looks like we don’t have a governor. I saw a kinda chart online this morning detailing what the governor has done so far, what struck me there was the Brown street Oshodi they said they have started, i stay 2 streets to that place and the only thing they ve done so far is put a signboard to signify they want to start work there and that has been since like a month into this administration, but till now they haven’t really started the work and yet its part of the achievements listed.

    The senate is another cause for worry and story for another day cos i’ve already written too much,lol.

    Abeg to me i feel they all need to step up their game if they are really serious about this change they have been shouting to us about. All m still seeing is status quo.



  6. ohh my lawwwwd, omo see epistle o……


  7. CHANGE..a word which to many Nigerians in recent times,goes beyond the six letters that constitute it.With the recently conducted general elections still fresh in our memories,many still consider “change” as the mantra of the adminstration of retired General Mohammed Buhari GCFR,who repeatedly vied with no success in three electoral years for the presidential office before finally emerging victorious over quondam president and presidential candidate of the peoples democratic party which has been in power since the year 1999,Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in the 2015 elections.Now as at today,the 5th day of November 2015,with 161 days in office one can say the government,though moving rather slowly is undoubtedly taking the right path to leading our great state to a newer they say,rome was not built in a day,but with different projects already in motion I believe our Rome is not farfetched.
    With actions like the relieving of the service chiefs including the head of the army who have been in power for a reasonable period of time and have consistently failed in the conquering of the boko haram sect which has constantly threatened the security of Nigerians especially those in Northern Nigeria since the year 2009,of their duties;the proper management of the fiscal crisis going on at the state level by putting together a relief plan worth seven hundred billion naira for the settlement of state debts and payment of their workers;the turning down of five new armoured cars worth four hundred million naira,insisting that the previous ones are still in maintainable conditions in order to save the government of unnecessary spendings;the meeting with the BBOG activists,being over a year since the abduction of the chibok girls,the government has pledged to treat the course of these activists as a priority and with utmost attention to ensure the safe return of our girls in no time too far;meetings with regional and international leaders in order to solicit for support against terrorism and insecurity which is the sole aim of the boko haram sect;and so many more to come,I presume it is safe to believe that this adminstration is taking us straight to heaven’s gate..
    In conclusion,I urge my fellow Nigerians to join hands in making this adminstration a success with patience and hope of better things to come,after all as the popular saying goes,”slow and steady wins the race”..


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