Oh Tuesday

So thats how after that defeated post I slept and woke up at 1pm to see the red bank credit my account.  I got out of bed like a big girl and decided to go and make the deposit and do the necessary transaction.

The said transaction was “purchase a ticket” for air travel- emergency situation with emergency money. The way money is running away from me right now ehn, i have just concluded God has a sense of humor. I sat online and found the cheapest ticket possible to my destination.  Thats how it was KLM, KLM that i hadn’t touched since I was 16 and left Lagos to go to Yanks for college. Shior so oya book now, KLM said travel dates too close to book online…don’t worry travel date is top secret. 

I left my house, at the first traffic light somebody was getting ready to give me waka because i honked him at the light.  This particular intersection the light is like an ogbanje- sometimes they are all red. So i pulled up next to the guy and as he was getting ready to yell at me, I was like “hey mate these lights don’t work”- i was feeling myself…i noticed the guy was good looking – his car was a beemer 5 series…and when he wound down I was like this guy is “hans” as in “hans gan”….

So at the next intersection bros rolled down again and I was like “please don’t toast me”…so I made sure my ring finger was showing well. I am married but not blind. Guesd who it was- “Darey Art Alade”‘ -yep Abuja plates and all- so he was like thanks for the tip😅. I was like “omigosh o gosh”! At this point I had forgotten what red bank with one alphabet did to me 2 hours earlier. Thats how I reached NNPC on glover and club road in Ikoyi – two “askidents” as in two.  If you are buying car in “Legos” please do yourself a “fevor” and buy jeep- jeep can climb things. So I borrowed myself sense and climbed the sidewalk- ’twas already 2.30pm I needed to enter VI for 3pm.

I went to the red one alphabet bank and deposited my chicken change,  still no alert. I now went to KLM to go and buy this ticket oh. Thats how i got there, the guy at the counter – his name was “thank God” – he asked if I had itinerary etc. As a sharp babe I had written down flight numbers etc. I said yes, so he did the search and he was like oh, i can give you a ticket.

In my head I was just praying the ticket wouldn’t be priced higher than my red alphabet account balance. So he gave me two option itineraries one through Air France, another through KLM. I was like look – same price Air France has a shorter stop over, let me go with that, as I haven’t flown KLM in 16 years and I know they have improved service but for a shorter layover I will go with Air France. Lol dude said 16 years how? So i told him of my past experience with KLM.

Thank God started to lobby me to fly KLM oh…the outward leg- I was like KLM bawo? For an extra 3 hours? I am already broke and you want me to spend 3 extra hours in an airport? Ko jo rara! Thank God now asked my opinion on Buhari’s government – I was like bros is playing. I answered politely with my true feelings. This was around 3.50pm, thank God now said ah but consider KLM outbound- the ticket is easier to book since the return is KLM. So I now said ok Thank God, i have no more money so I am flying economy only to to and wait 6 hours instead of 3 hours? 

After enough back and forth at 4pm Thank God said- smile you are our smile customer of the day- if you pick KLM we will upgrade your ticket to economy comfort- I was like Thank God you for talk earlier now…lol…apparently everyday at 4pm a KLM customer gets an upgrade- so he said he liked me and was delaying to get me to 4pm. Lol. That’s how I was upgraded today – N50k value which there is no way i Could have afforded as I am cash poor at the moment (there are different kinds of poor)….for another day.

Below is my picture from the KLM office- both of them are KLM staff.


Funny how a garbage day turned out quite ok, even though it took me 2 hours from VI to Ikoyi after.

I am still screaming in my head because I don’t really consider myself lucky, so when i win anything I am always amazed.

Winners Wednesday is coming – I just need to think first. Lol.



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  1. Thank God it all turned out well in the end. But madam, you are not smiling o….abI I need to clean my glasses ni?! lol


  2. I got my bangles yesterday and they are really lovely, even hubby attested to that. Thank you so much.

    I love this post. The story telling…… patience. God was indeed working it out for you. That’s why you had the bank ish in the morning, all was geared to the 4pm win. 🙂 I pray you have better blessings come your way this season of ‘cash poor’.

    Lol @ different kinds of poor. So true, though.


  3. You just kept repeating Thank God and I almost forgot its the guy’s name lol. This is an example of a perfect day,its not about how it started.
    Bank errands can be stressful but thank God for online banking and sms codes kai,that ish is the truth.


    • I promise not to make fun of certain names again – because ThankGod really made me Thank God kiki. I don’t like travelling economy – my knees are shot and the pain of having to elbow share is not pleasant – I would rather reduced trips with a better seating class and less frequency – but alas I needed a ticket.


  4. Delay is not denial

    Every dissapointment is a blessing

    He may not come when you want him to, but He is always on time.

    God bless Thank God. Your patience actually paid off. Loads of Nigerians would have shouted on the guy and told him “did you not hear what I said”. Enjoy your upgrade.


  5. Lol your story is funny and a true reminder of all things working together for our good.


  6. funny story ,nice end


  7. Good for you darling


  8. I like the story and how it finally got you something nice.


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