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Nigeria is the only country I know of that our banks go offline for hours on end.  One particular bank with red in the Logo just messed up my day badly. I have a transaction to do to – left my house, sat in traffic while it was raining cats and dogs to go and deposit money and do transfers etc. Thats how my husband couldn’t send the transfer from them to the orange bank, and he sent it to my red bank account. When I got to the bank, the teller told me they couldn’t even access accounts. This same bank their cards rarely ever work at local ATMs talkless of POS or even internationally.  It’s like they are just looking for how to frustrate you.

Since I can’t cry,  I have opted to drive back home and get in bed after the rain has deat with me…I will be back tomorrow.

Please what bank do you use in Nigeria and why?

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  1. I use GTB, 1st bank & Wema bank.

    1st bank is where I dump money I don’t have an immediate need for. It used to be my main bank until I got tired of their ‘tortoise’ operation’s (meehn everything about that bank is slow, and the queues were endless). GTB on the other hand is the ‘ish’ when it comes to banking. I don’t remember when last I went to their banking hall cos I do virtually all my transactions online (via mobile, sms or Internet). For me, it’s a very convenient option.


    • Wema is a salary account, so it’s basically just withdrawals only…and then some airtime recharge…lol


    • First Bank – I am not sure why I don’t like them. GTB rarely ever disappoints me even overseas my card always works. GTB’s customer service has declined over the years though – i Believe they are trying to cut costs.


  2. I use the orange bank and the bank down the road, and I frankly don’t have too much complaints. The atm cards for the orange bank have rarely disappointed me and their online is super too. Pele Mme. Pynk, it’s Naija and it’s wahala. Meanwhile, you are on fire today, I beamed when I opened your site and saw 3posts. Lol


  3. I use the Orange bank and they have disappointed me alot. they are still owing me $200 in naira equivalent since April. they debited my account yet money refused to come out of the ATM, return my money they are saying it will take time since it occurred outside the country.
    I decided to use them last time I travelled and they disappointed again. card refused to work when i was at the checkout. thank God I had another card. I wont even bother talking about their own exchange rates compared to other banks.

    I opened another account with a red bank, their exchange rate seems good for now.


  4. I use GTB but i only use their internet banking so can’t speak much to customer service and all. I don’t even have an ATM card. Just have people deposit cash and then i do online transfers.

    So far, no issues.


    • Bee – most people that are up to it have swiftly moved to internet banking. I detest Nigerian banks as in to stand in line and do transactions.


  5. i use gtbank n 1st bank…..they seems to be good when they want to,all nigerians banks have issues you just have to pick one or two who’s issues you can handle


  6. It’s Diamond Bank, GTB and I shut down my zenith bank, they can charge for Africa abeg.

    Diamond never fails me, most times. GTB, not so bad, but customer service has declined wella


  7. I have a bigger problem with Nigerian banks. So the CBN issued a deadline for BVN registration and not one Nigerian bank thought of Nigerians who live in Canada?! I have lost count of the number of times I’ve had to call my various banks to ask for a way out. Diamond bank says they’ll forward it to my registered email address (even though I wonder how they’ll come up with the number since they don’t have my fingerprint). Others say to follow a link which basically is asking me to book an appointment in London, the UAE, Hong Kong or some other place. Speaking of fingerprints, I had my fingerprints taken when I got my Nigerian passport, again when I did police clearance for my visa, I did it again for my Nigerian driver’s license. Is there a reason why I have to do it yet again for this BVN? Eeeesssshhh! OAD, I’m sorry for hijacking your post; I’m just all sorts of annoyed about this matter.


    • N – its the way forward with Nigeria – I am surprised NPF doesnt collect fingerprint at checkpoints – everybody has their own madness. Is it possible you can get a female family member to go in and do it? If not withdraw all your cash from an ATM…thats what my brother did…he will sort it out when he is in Nigeria – don’t let them hold your money for nothing.


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