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Man divorces wife over $40,000 wedding dress…

A man angrily divorced his wife for spending more than Dh150,000 (about $40,000) on her wedding dress rather than the wedding party. The man was believed to have proposed to the woman shortly after they got acquainted.

Prior to the wedding, the man agreed to pay the woman Dh150,000 to spend on the wedding party and its preparations and invitation cards. After the wedding party, the husband came to know that his wife had a debt of between Dh150,000 and Dh200,000.

That she had borrowed money to pay for the party. He confronted her and she admitted that she had spent the Dh150,000 that he gave to her on a white party dress.

 She borrowed from relatives and friends to cover the expenses. To worsen the case, when her lenders asked her to repay the money, she requested that he join her to repay the debt as well. Unfortunately, the husband got very angry and filed for a divorce before a Sharia court – which he was granted.

The above story was from LI Blog. Now my question is did she want a wedding more than she wanted a marriage? Do many women want a wedding more than they want a marriage? Reading it seems like common sense escaped the bride, but then many women tend to get carried away when planning a wedding…was he justified in seeking a divorce or was the debt truly both theirs to pay?

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  1. It is very obvious that the woman in question has no understanding of what a marriage is. If she did she wouldn’t consider a dress more important than financial stability. Who spends all the money budgeted for the wedding on a dress that you would only wear once? The fact that she even went round borrowing shows that she’s loony. That kind of woman would sell her home for money for a diamond ring!


    • Lol Lifetitudes – sometimes I don’t understand the fascination with the dress – most times it can’t even be resold for half of the purchase price and You wear it once oh – once. It was just crazy to me.


  2. She borrowed money from friends and relatives to wear expensive gown, and now she wants her husband to join in paying back the loan?? seems she is high on something….
    The debt is hers and hers alone to pay back, shikena!!!


  3. The things people do tho, now that she has worn a 40k dress has she walked on water, or has the dress opened previously closed doors for her? Iranu!


  4. I saw this also. I burst out laughing.

    I always the the worst kind of person to marry is an insecure person. They will stoop to unimaginable levels just to belong. Tufiakwa


  5. She’s very unwell. that’s all I can say.


  6. It’s hers to pay. She knew the budget for the wedding and still went ahead to borrow.


    • Yes Enjay but marriage to her makes him an associated party. If you or your husband misbehave somehow folks will tie you in too…thats the beauty of marriage.


  7. I tried converting $40,000 dollars to naira first. (though the value +f Dh differs )
    That’s like 80million NGN, just for dress.
    The man did the right thing. Cos that woman will sell him for less.


  8. Clare, it’s about 10 million naira.


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