I just died, woke up and resurrected.  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, bacon and Co will kill you? I saw it on CNN and had to google it. Eehn they should just kill me now, because I am not giving up bacon and sausage.  Sorry nope sir- something must kill sombody joor! I called my mom and she was like thats why its recommended only once or twice a week. I would live at IHOP daily if I had the chance.


Bacon, ham & sausage – set to be classed alongside cigarettes as cancer-causing

According to the World Health Organization, Processed meats such as bacon and ham do cause cancer. 50g of processed meat a day now increases the chance of developing colorectal cancer by 18%. The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) has warned for a number of years that there is ‘strong evidence’ that eating a ridiculous amount of red meat can cause bowel cancer. Meat does have health benefits.

Red meat for instance is a good source of protein and provides vitamins and minerals, such as iron and zinc. However, Processed meats which have been modified (smoked, or salted for preservation), either to increase shelf-life or alter flavour are the problem. These additions increase the risk of cancer benefits.



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  1. Wow! Really?


  2. Madam, it’s time to embrace fish. Just incase you don’t know, we have different types like – kote, shawa, titus, croaker, catfish, sardine, ‘eja gbigbe’, stockfish, okporoko, obokun……lol

    something must kill somebody tho, for me it’s certainly not meat!


    • @ Nkechi, even fish may have mecury stored in their system, noting is safe these days.

      Heard Wheat isn’t too healthy as well. What do they want us to eat na.

      Portion control it is.


    • Nkechi – been there done that. fish also has mercury poisoning – so there is really no way forward – stockfish is made with what? think about that for a minute.


  3. We were just discussing this on a group chat this morning.

    Like you said, something has to kill someone. I’ve been doing good with trying to avoid processed foods. Its difficult sha. With meats, i go to the farm to get fresh cow, goat, chicken, pork chops,shoulder,ribs. But Bacon, ham and sausage no dey farm, so gots to get that from the store.

    Also used to go to the farm to get fruits (apples, plums, oranges, peaches), but haven’t been able to find a fruit farm since i moved.


  4. When I read this, I just laughed. There’s no way I’m giving that up. I plan on having an English breakfast tomorrow.


  5. My dad will always say ‘they said we shouldn’t eat this and that,what exactly is left? Lol. I’m not a fan though, so it doesn’t affect me 🙂


  6. My children refused to eat noodles this weekend because I didn’t have sausages at home. I told them I was making noodles for them, next thing I heard was “will you put sausage in it?” I said “there’s no sausage at home.” They repeated told me no despite my tries at coaxing.

    Now, I read this?! Nobody will eat noodles in my house without it. These sausages can’t take leave from my home. I’ll just try and reduce intake and pray well before eating. 🙂


  7. So many things killing folks these days…i’m comforted with the fact that no one gets out of here alive anyways, I just pray not to suffer unduly.


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