When I say Nigerians we have issues collectively – we elected our representatives to the National Assembly and instead of working they follow the senate President to the resumed hearing of the alleged False declaration case against him at the Code of Conduct Tribunal last Wednesday.They took the day off from running government and turned themselves into supporters club? I weep for Nigeria. Eighty one grown men followed one man to a hearing as a show of solidarity?

Is this really change?


Well Winners Wednesday is still HERE

I wish you a fruitful week ahead. If you are in Lagos please stay vigilant as the ember month robberies have started again.



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  1. This is a case of misplaced priority.

    Amen. I wish you same too. ‘Tis the season to be jolly……….. and cautious. May God preserve us all.


    • Enjay I wonder if they ran their own legitimate businesses they would act the same way.

      Yes oh Lagos is becoming dangerous again – if not for bad roads etc – the village is the way forward or London. Me as my village is Lagos, no where to go. London can miss me for now.


  2. Let me not even comment on the change matter….God help us!

    As for the robberies, I don’t think it’s am ember thing. The number of robberies being reported since july/August this year has been on the high side. seems like lagos has gone back to what it used to be a couple of years back.
    Pls be vigilant and pray for God’s protection.

    Have a blessed week guys


    • Nkechi people are looking for Christmas money is the only way to describe it. I encourage anyone travelling on the roads at certain times to separate their load…I had to do it when I found myself stuck in traffic last week. I just shifted half of my load under my car seat.


  3. Errr…we elected our representatives…NOT. These people mostly rigged elections to occupy those positions. That said, these senators appear to b really jobless sha. It makes me wonder if this is how it’s done elsewhere or is this just typical to Nigeria? With their salaries that are as fat as me. *rme


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