I spent one hour driving Thursday in Lagos and I am starting to believe that Lagos is the devil’s backyard. Many people drive like they are possessed by demons and LASTMA has become a beautiful bride – you can’t really blame them…folks in recent times have been “jamming” them, other folks driving them to Epe due to their obtaining nature etc. So LASTMA now has decided to slow down on directing traffic and instead chase traffic offenders on their white motorcycles.  If you ask me all Lagos drivers are traffic offenders- if you have ever switched lanes without indicating abi is it traffickating, you are guilty. ” Na who dem fit catch be thief”.

Lagosians complain about traffic, in theory who causes traffic? It’s human beings- not necessarily the number of cars on the road. We are very very selfish as a people and so you will have 3 lanes turned into 7, intersections blocked – no flow in either direction- on monday I spent 1.5 hours from 4 points to Ligali Ayorinde and I saw a man in a suit directing traffic. Trust a convoy to show up complete with mopol and block the same intersection further….The irony is that the other intersection was also blocked.


Guy in suit directing traffic

Funny how no one ever stops to think that if they leave the intersection free, they may just get to their destination quicker if traffic can move. Sometimes I really just wish I could fly. ..because this traffic is for the birds.. I feel pity for folks who sit in traffic for hours on end trying to get to work. It really cannot be healthy, I would know as I did it for almost a year and almost ran mad.

Do you spend hours commuting daily? If yes why? And if yes have you considered alternatives?

I wish you a relaxed weekend.

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  1. One of the reasons why I vehemently refused to move back to lagos. I practically feel my life span decrease at an alarming rate whenever I’m there and it’s mostly due to the traffic. Lagosians are seriously trying, I can’t deal with the stress.


  2. I have a phobia for driving in lagos, biko I’d rather be driven…
    I spend 2hrs 30mins to and from work everyday, which totals about 5 hrs in traffic per day. There is an alternatively shorter route dt takes like 2hrs to & from work, but that would mean spending almost 50% of my salary on transport, so i use that option on days when I wake up extremely late (e.g today). The ‘bestest’ alternative would be working from home, but that can never happen in this organisation where I work o…lol

    Have a nice weekend everyone!


    • Nkechi I try my best to avoid the roads with the exception of sundays when my husband feels like driving – I have been know to cancel appointments simply because I can’t wrap my head around traffic. The question I always want to ask if everyone really has to be on the road at the same time – the honest answer is no, but we are not emotionally there yet as a people.


  3. Traffic in Lag, can make a grown man cry


  4. I refuse to drive when visiting lagos. I can’t, even within an estate there are still enough fools to frustrate you. Thank God for uber. My last trip i uber(ed) my way everywhere if my girls weren’t available to carry me.

    I can’t come and give myself with over analysis how to stay safe, avoid driving in lagos madness


    • Bee I have started leaving my car behind and taking Uber – even my dad takes uber to the airport sometimes and ignores his driver. lol. But the traffic is still there even in Uber.


  5. I tell my folks and anyone that cares to listen that the traffic in lagos can make one sick and less focused.


    • It does make you sick and less focused. Blink when you spend so much time in traffic – you are drained by the time you get to the office etc. I know because I lived this life before.


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