The true Cost of Fuel In Nigeria

The true cost of Fuel in Nigeria as at September 2015. “I comment my reserve” on Bayelsa and a few other oil producing states. I can understand the hinterlands in terms of the added cost of transportation to get there etc – hence the difference from N87/ liter.

Source: National Bureau of Statistics

Sep ’15
Taraba 124.63
Bayelsa 119.83
Yobe 119.78
Akwa Ibom 118.50
Rivers 102.80
Cross River 99.00
Delta 98.73
Kogi 96.56
Imo 95.68
Ebonyi 94.86
Nassarawa 94.20
Benue 94.00
Niger 93.89
Kaduna 93.71
Gombe 93.67
Kebbi 93.33
Bauchi 93.25
Borno 92.75
Abuja 92.60
Anambra 92.53
Plateau 92.50
Adamawa 92.00
Abia 91.88
Enugu 91.78
Zamfara 91.35
Kwara 89.60
Ondo 89.41
Lagos 89.00
Edo 88.77
Kano 88.53
Osun 88.28
Katsina 88.00
Oyo 87.72
Ekiti 87.50

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6 Comments on The true Cost of Fuel In Nigeria

  1. Do you know that there was artificial fuel scarcity in some parts today? Na wa.


  2. This is crazy. The price of fuel should be the same across all states because the Government subsidizes the cost of transporting the fuel to different states. Its a pity that our enforcement agencies have gone to sleep.


  3. Last year, I bought fuel at above N100 when hubby was in PH and it wasn’t funny. It still beats me why it has to be that way when these states produce the oil.


    • Enjay – the underdevelopment of the Niger delta is sickening – so much money comes from and passes through there – its almost sad to say the place is so sad – the North can be excused with a lack of natural resources maybe – but the Niger Delta?


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