How Much?

Churches are like the biggest business oh…so Assemblies of God’s leadership have dragged themselves to EFCC due to N100 billion fraud…or something along those lines. Everything is wrong with this picture in my head…what I am wondering is so organisations that are supposed to be for the people actually have this much to fight over while 60% of this country is in penury and many do not know where their next meal is coming from. I won’t even touch on other churches that have similar accounts – my only statement to them is …no one will arrive in heaven on a private jet…anyone who takes away from the poor to enrich themselves will surely get their negative reward multiple times. We keep petitioning foreign aid organisations to help Nigeria, we actually don’t need external help- we need internal help- human re-orientation….the story is below…

A faction of Assemblies of God Church has been dragged to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, by the Assistant General Superintendent, accusing the factional General Superintendent and six others of alleged fraudulent conversion of funds running into billions of naira.

The Assistant General Superintendent, Rev. Ramsey Ogagaoghene in a petition addressed to the EFCC noted that the factional General Superintendent, Rev. Dr. Chidi Okoroafor and six others allegedly embezzled over N100 billion belonging to the church, adding that Rev. Okoroafor was the Assistant General Superintendent until March, 2014 when he could not account for funds of the church and formed a parallel group that threw the church into crisis.

On account of the petition dated September, 2015 submitted to the Commission by Mr. Eli Ugwu, counsel to the petitioner and four others, the group urged the Commission to investigate the alleged fraudulent conversion of money and embezzlement of funds belonging to the church by Rev. Okoroafor and his cohorts as they approved money for projects without due process of the church, and allegedly executed such projects by themselves.

The petition read in part: “On behalf of the Assistant General Superintendent, Rev. Ramsey Ogagaoghene, Bright Arukwe, Clement Esochaghi, Oliver Udensi and Sunday Palma for and on behalf of pastors and other concerned members of the church, we claim that Rev. Vincent Alaje, Rev. Femi Adegoke, Mr. Dickson Ukpai, Mr. Michael Ugbor, Elder Mike Okoro and Tony Ewelike engaged in illegal and unauthorized business without the approval of the General Suprintendent.

“Alaje unilaterally spent about N115 million belonging to the church, personally negotiated and concluded payments for three plots of lands and has started developing the plots without the consent and authority of the General Superintendent and other officers of the church.

“Alaje was fond of commandeering the money of the church, approving same by himself, and authorized payments without the consent of the General Superintendent. This was evidenced by his requisition of 5/4/2013 for the sum of N1.5 million which he tagged, ‘Trip to Ibadan with family.’ The unilateral stashing of fund was after the church magnanimously approved N2 million for him”

The petition further indicted Alaje of illegally collecting N28.5 million as staff investment premium without any authorization, which according to the report, was against the general council accounts procedures. The petition further noted that the same amount was deposited into an account with Diamond Bank.

Rev Ogagaoghene in the petition also prayed EFCC to question Mr. Tony Ewelike on the N1.4 billion Assemblies of God Ministers Benefit Scheme, AGMBS, which he was unable to account for. The petition further pointed out that Rev. Femi Adegoke,, the former media director of the church should also be investigated for allegedly defrauding the church of over N50 milliion.

Source: Vanguard



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  1. Chrisyinks // October 21, 2015 at 07:45 // Reply

    You aren’t the only person with issues with the Nigerian church. It greatly upsets me when I see Nigerian church heads live in luxury and hide under the defence of God’s grace, reaping where they’ve sowed, supernatural blessings etc when the masses and a great amount of Nigerians are living in abject poverty.

    One of the reasons why the early missionaries thrived in Africa and perhaps why Christianity gained roots in this part of the world was because people could see that outward display of love. The missionaries took of what they had and freely and lovingly gave to meet the needs of the majority. Even in the Bible, Ananias and Saphira were struck down for their lies because they wanted to hold back on giving all and yet enjoy the recognition that comes with giving.

    A good number of our church heads would build universities and other business enterprise without a clear delineation if it were church funds being used and still these enterprises wouldn’t be affordable to the committed average church attendees and yet these church-heads would be living the luxury lifestyle. It is just appaling when these church-heads forget the basics fundamentals of Christianity when it comes to money and start seeking defense underestimate morality or the law.

    Let’s see how this crisis in the Assemblies of God church is resolved but let it be clear (in my opinion), the church in Nigeria can be a greater influence for positive change if only the church-heads can look beyond their personal gains.


  2. Jesus didn’t die for all this thou
    So shameful for people that are supposed to be bringing people to Christ


  3. One of the reasons I refuse to pay tithes in church and give the numerous offerings during harvest season. I rather look around me and help out people in need, widows, those who need start up capital for business, medical bills and orphanages. Gone are the days when churches invested in education and the medical they just build more and more church buildings and look for more and more avenues to collect money. Our orientaion need to be changed in this country, the average Nigerian is overly conscious of material gains. I wonder what happened to our Humanity and how we can collectively get it right.


  4. I started reading, and i got angry….
    The things God will judge sha, and this is just one church out of the lot o!

    I don’t even know what else to say, habaaaa!


  5. Chrisyinks has said it all. I also wonder about the over-priced education. May God help us. Corruption has eaten deep, not to to say there aren’t good churches around.


  6. I wonder why people still attend these cults. I have ceased to call a lot of these naija organization churches.

    Just yesterday I was reading about Revival Assembly. The heralding reported that the head pastor abi overseer had sex with a prayer warrior. He begged church for forgiveness which they agreed to but same church banished the woman out of the church. Lol

    It’s so sad how gullible pple are sha. I guess they offer hope for the hopeless. Sigh


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