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Round of applause…did you notice? Linda Ikeja bought a “mannnnnsion” on Banana Island. Yep she has sucked it to the Lagos elites…the girl from Mushin is now in their neighbourhood. That aside she provided motivation for many young girls letting them know their hustle and their dreams are valid. She has told her story many times and her desire to suceed is nothing but admirable.

I bet you N50 million (of Linda’s money, because I don’t remember being worth that much) that 1001 blogs have sprung up since the announcement of her house purchase. What am I saying- there are already a few existing blogs that have the same format and template as Linda’s already looking to gather money. As if it’s so easy. Lol. Nigerians are bandwagon people, remember how everyone became an event planner, then make up artist then fashion designer (feel free to add to the bandwagon professions). Many people who know me don’t know about this blog ….lol.

Blogging – it can take over your life in both negative and positive ways. For me it has been more in the middle, neither good nor bad. It has always just been a way to release my thoughts, good or bad or to just make myself laugh. Half of the time I post about things I wish someone had told me when I was younger or a current reminder I need in my life or just something to remind someone else that they are not alone. is possibly my 6th blog since 2007….i have created and deleted many…saved the posts and I can tell you I have seen personal growth. Some days I wonder why I keep this blog and I tell myself that maybe one day I will write something so impactful that it will change my life or someone else’s from an emotional standpoint for the better.

Somehow its very hard maintaining an original content blog- i believe I am going to start appealing for stories or write ups sooner as opposed to later as I feel I will run out of things to discuss. My goal has always been to make it a women friendly site and discuss everything to do with women with the exception of posting on fashion and weddings per say (gossip included). I believe there are enough people catering to that and not enough people feeding our dreams or goals or even our sense of humor- sometimes a good laugh helps us forget the lemons life is busying squeezing in our eyes. Our womanity needs to be emphasized and I tend to write from a purely personal point of view without violating my loved ones or others who put their trust in me (people who email for advice – even though i don’t believe I have “sheet” to say most times).

Will this site make anyone richer- emotionally I hope so, financially if God wills it. Till then i have a job- well sorta kinda and my desire to be in education gets stronger everyday…it’s God’s way of telling me the time is nearer than I think.

Do you own a blog or website? If yes, why? If no, why not?

Sorry I just finished eating the Parle G biscuit in the picture…it was delish!😅

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  1. No. Because it’s hard work. Serious one. I doubt I can keep up with posts and great original content.


  2. Parle G biscuit is the ‘ish’, used to be addicted to it….lol

    I used to own a blog way back in 2008 up until 2010 (I started with owning a diary in the ‘diary section on nairaland). It was a very personal blog where I wrote down my issues, challenges and general life experiences. I eventually took it down becos I had a hard time keeping up with updating it…..more like I got lazier by the day.

    I love ur blog and how u express urself through it, but biko these days I’d rather read blogs than own one.


  3. // October 20, 2015 at 09:16 // Reply

    No comment…


  4. So I want to be happy for linda, I really want to. But I just can’t. When you know families who have been hurt by her malicious lies, it’s had to be happy.

    That said Banana Island is about to become coded land. With linda in the vicinity, a monitoring spirit has been born. They better over code their business of not they might just be paying for her private jet just to kill stories.

    Too scattered to blog. So nah, never owned a blog and don’t plan to own one.

    Happy birthday Nkechi. May God grant your heart desires. Take time to do an inventory of the blessings in your life, it should def bring a big smile to your face.


  5. Hi maams. Ayam new here and I think I’m loving it.
    So yes I have a blog. I started my blog to meet and chat with new people..because I don’t have too much real life friends. My blog is more like an avenue for me to rant and chat…and put down my thoughts. It is not easy having or running a get tired and depressed but its fulfilling. Like you said, it has both positive and negative impact..i have felt both but we shall overcome..hehe.


  6. Friends and family have asked me to start a blog, my reply is always ‘we can’t all be bloggers, some people have to enjoy the reading’
    Dear Mme Pynk, I love love your sense of humor and how you are sooo ‘nigerian’.


  7. Happy Birthday NKechi!

    I’m too boring to have a blog. what will i write abeg. some of us are just meant to read and promote other blogs.
    That parle-G is so sweet I ate some yesterday and feel like buying more now.


  8. HBD, Nkechi! God’s grace for exploits.


  9. Happy Birthday Nkechi
    i love that biscuit


  10. After shutting down my internet for five days (I had to do that so I could finish up a project before they bring sars to my doorstep 🙂 ) came back online and all I see and read was the said mansion, she has really done good for herself.
    Like you said being a blogger is not an easy task,I haven’t thought about it and I don’t intend to lol,the only time my brain is not working is when I’m in a deep sleep, if I add blogging to it then My life span would be sooo short 🙂

    Happy Birthday Nkechi.


  11. Happy birthday Nkechi! God bless.


  12. Happy birthday Nkechi.

    I have a WordPress site. But I don’t blog. I’m not sure I’ll ever have the time and effort to.


  13. Thanks guys


  14. Happy Birthday Nkechi,wish you joy unlimted and may God give you a miracle that would sound like a lie.


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