Are You?

This post was inspired by a special little someone nicknamed “turnt up”! He is always ready to go…10 months and was walking at month 7 and all up in everybody’s business but forever happy!


Turnt Up

Are you happy? I don’t mean cinderella when she met the prince and married him type of happy everyday…but are you happy wnough to be content with your station in life while you strive for more?

Are you too busy pretending to happy by creating a happy facade to show the world that you forget that actually being happy is a very basic right which you are entitled to? Have you gone on to attach your happiness to material things – if you don’t get that job at Mobil you wont be happy, or you automatically believe that when you get that 22 inch brazillian weave you will be happy?

Am i happy? Yes I can confidently say I am happy – I don’t have many of the things I believe I want, how ever I do have the most important things I need- peace of mind and a very very high sense of self preservation.

What is happiness to you? And are you happy?

In that note I wish you a happy week ahead.


Turnt Up in the dishwasher

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18 Comments on Are You?

  1. That is one happy baby
    I am happy I can confidentially say that,while I strive to get what I want in life


  2. For the first time in years, I am Happy. I feel at peace and im content. I don’t yet have the things I’ve earnestly worked towards and prayed for, but I find myself giving thanks from my spirit. It’s a feeling I can’t describe, and I’m glad. Have a good day Mme Pynk.


  3. Happiness to me is having the needs of the people I love and myself being met- don’t mind the grammar there, the other luxuries is just a plus; being able to help people I can; having good health and safety; having love in my life ; and the certainty of God’s presence and love with me.


  4. I’m grateful for where I am, it could be worse but for God. My joy isn’t full yet……. so many things I’m yet to accomplish, working towards it and I know God who gives grace, will make all things beautiful in His time.

    Turnt up is cute. 🙂


  5. unhappy at work. working on changing that though. Once I leave work i go from 0 -100 real quick. Sigh.


    • Bee its time to change jobs–I stayed in a miserable job for 2.5 years, it also helped me thrive negatively in a miserable relationship for 13 months. Please get out ASAP!


  6. First off, it’s my birthday today, and I’m supposed to be happy by default right? lol

    The one thing that makes me so unhappy now is my job…..I don’t know how I have survived these few months. I have plans to quit/change jobs, but some other plans have to be in place before I leave (which I’m gradually working on) so here I am trusting God that soon enough it will end in praise….

    Turnt up is a cute happy kid, and I’d love me some cute happy kiddos…. u know that kind of happiness that rubs off on everyone….lol


    • Happy Birthday Nkechi. I pray on this special day of yours, God will grant you your desired job and life’s pleasures, contentment and happiness all days of your life. Many happy returns of the day.


  7. Turnt up is so cute! Oh the joys of being a child.

    Somtimes i feel i’m really happy, sometimes i’m just confused. right now i’ll say i’m ok, not happy or sad.


  8. Happiness…….JOY.. I may not have all I think I want yet but I’m filled with joy…


  9. I am always joyful, though sometimes am not happy,really cute but troublesome child turnt up is.


  10. I am not happy about where I am at right now, but I am happy about the future I see.
    I am happy.#peaceofmind#contented


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